True Blood Episode 5×08 Promo Video

Next week’s episode of True Blood is titled “Somebody  That I Used to Know”. Episode 5.08 will air on July 29, 2012 and fans had a taste of the episode tonight. The video below is the promo for episode 5.08:

The episode description states:

 “Somebody That I Used to Know”: The Authority revels in a new direction; Sookie and Jason (Ryan Kwanten) visit the site of their parents’ deaths; Luna (Janina Gavankar) gets stuck on Sam (Sam Trammell). (Written by Mark Hudis; directed by Stephen Moyer.) Playdates: July 29 and 31

UPDATE: Full description released by HBO 7/23/12:

Episode descriptions for episode 5.07-5.12:

Episode 7: In The Beginning

“Bill and Eric get a powerful taste of sacred blood. A revelation at Hot Wings causes Sookie to wonder what her life would be like without faerie powers. Meanwhile, Sam sniffs out several shifter shooters; Hoyt finds camaraderie in a new group of friends; Alcide prepares for the worst in his faceoff with J.D.; Andy attempts to reconnect with Bud; Lafayette finds an unlikely ally searching for Jesus’ body in Mexico; Lettie Mae (Adina Porter) pays Tara a visit; Arlene takes a sentimental journey as her concerns for Terry deepen.”

Short description: “Salome reveals her true allegiances; Sookie embraces her human side; Sam sniffs out some perps; Alcide braces for a fight.”

Episode 8: Somebody that I used to Know

“At Authority headquarters, the Chancellors revel in the afterglow of recent events; Eric gets a message from Godric; Bill is shaken by a distant memory. Helped by Claude and his sisters, Sookie and Jason visit the site of their parents’ deaths, with shocking results. An emotional Luna tries to walk in Sam’s shoes. Hoyt’s new pals bring him a present; Lafayette leads a séance to purge a curse; J.D. ups the stakes of his fight with Alcide.”

Short description: “The Authority revels in a new direction; Sookie and Jason visit the site of their parents’ deaths; Luna gets stuck on Sam.”

Episode 9: Everybody Wants to Rule the World

“Vampires celebrate the start of the holy war; anti-supernatural zealots put Sookie in danger.”

UPDATE: Episode summary from HBO 7/23/12:

As the Authority proceeds with Lilith’s plan, Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) plots his escape. Gran (Lois Smith) directs Sookie (Anna Paquin) to a clue to her parents’ murderer. Andy (Chris Bauer) and Jason (Ryan Kwanten) search for leads to the identities of the people behind the shifter killings. Alcide (Joe Manganiello) recalls his pack induction; Arlene (Carrie Preston) gets caught in Terry (Todd Lowe) and Patrick’s (Scott Foley) crossfire; Steve (Michael McMillian) gets a new pet.
Written by Raelle Tucker; directed by Dan Attias.

Episode 10: Gone, Gone, Gone

“Bill puts a spin on the rising vampire violence; Jason uncovers a mysterious scroll.”

With vampire-on-human attacks increasing, the Authority attempts to woo public favor. Meanwhile, Nora (Lucy Griffiths) tries to convert Eric to Lilith’s gospel. Jason finds a mysterious scroll; Elijah (Keram Malicki-Sanchez), the new vampire sheriff of Area 5, pushes Pam (Kristin Bauer van Straten) and Tara (Rutina Wesley) to obey a new mandate; Sam (Sam Trammell) and Luna (Janina Gavankar) search for Emma (Chloe Noelle); Russell (Denis O’Hare) seeks a higher calling.
Written by Alexander Woo; directed by Scott Winant.

Episode 11: Song of the Dead Faerie

“Bill slips into religious fervor; Sookie seeks insight from the faerie Elder.”

Episode 12: Save Yourself

“Eric tries to save Bill from losing his humanity.”

Gallery below has the screen caps: (still working on them)

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  1. admin Post author

    Luna “walks” in Sam’s shoes part of episode 5.08 does not bode well for her character. She already skin walked as her mother. Hopefully she will survive. Not sure about the vampire shown on the bridge. (some are saying it’s Eric..some are saying it’s Bill) Look like it could even be Roman. Waiting sucks!

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