The True Blood panel at Comic Con was definitely one of the fan favorites. My group started camping out for ballroom 20 at midnight and there were already many many fans there. It was well worth the exhaustion and lack of sleep!! Still editing the many photos I was able to take from the front row.

My friend got this photo from the screen showing Stephen pointing me out wearing the ‘awful yellow sweatshirt’ (as Pam said to Sookie!):

ComicCon 2012

I wore a yellow sweatshirt much like the one Kristin wore as Vampire Pam when she turned Tara. Yes the awful yellow sweatshirt. Kristin spotted me and the other cast as well saw me there. They asked me to stand up and I let them know I had 2 friends further back who also had them on. Alex was trying to spot them in the photo below:

the text below is from the San Jose Mercury News (but my photos)

The Saturday presentation at Comic-Con for HBO’s “True Blood” kicked off with a trailer teasing the remaining episodes of the campy HBO vampire series’ fifth season.

The fast-moving footage showed Lafayette (played by Nelsan Ellis) channeling spirits, newbie vampire Tara (Rutina Wesley) working as a burlesque dancer, Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) going wild and old-school vampire Bill (Stephen Moyer) seemingly sucking down on Sookie (Anna Paquin).

“True Blood” actors Paquin, Moyer, Wesley, and Woll were joined by their co-stars Alexander Skarsgard, Christopher Meloni, Kristin Bauer, Ryan Kwanten, Sam Trammell and Joe Manganiello, as well as “True Blood” executive producer Alan Ball for the high-energy panel attended by more than 4,000 con-goers.

Other than the spoilery footage, the cast kept the biggest secrets about the current season under wraps. Paquin called the final scene in the fifth season finale “very, very crazy,” while Ball hinted that the audience will learn more about Sookie’s parents, and there would be three new romances.

“There’s also a lot of people having sex, but those don’t really count as romances,” Ball added.

The panel descended into a howling frenziness at several points during the hour-long presentation, including when “Magic Mike” co-star Manganiello empowered Ball and new cast member Meloni to perform the “body roll”. Ryan Kwanten was dared to walk on his hands across the stage inside a mammoth ballroom in the San Diego Convention Center.

Saturday’s panel ended with a standing ovation for Ball, who is stepping down as the showrunner of “True Blood” next season.

I will add my commentary as soon as I can. Some of my favorite moments were seeing Alex console Kristin when she started to cry talking about the scene where Eric releases Pam, How neither of them wanted to do that scene. Alex also blushed quite a bit when Joe was doing the body roll. When Christopher Meloni gave Alex his name tag, Alex planted a big ole kiss on his cheek. (he had blown a kiss to the fan who had asked Alex for his name tag).

It was fun to see the cast once again. Alex has some of the most amazing fans in the world! It was so worth the waiting on line since midnight  to get a great seat.

The images below are only a few of the ones I took. Have almost 600 photos from the True Blood panel. Please if you wish to use the images do not remove the watermark. I worked pretty long and hard to get these done. Thanks and can’t wait to finish the rest!!
UPDATE: one of my photos from the True Blood panel was published by OK Magazine- in their August 6, 2012 issue! Scan below:
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6 thoughts on “Comic Con 2012 True Blood Panel

    1. admin Post author

      Yes he turned beet red and was hiding his face in his hands. I got the blushing in those photos. It’s not a color issue with the photos! I don’t photoshop or enhance images (just lighten shadows when needed). It was when Joe M was doing the body roll. Most of the guys were asked to do one as well.

    2. admin Post author

      Yes definitely blushing. Joe M was doing the body roll. Most of the cast was asked to do one. Alex was hiding his face in his hands and kept turning red. Pretty sure he was just hoping he would not be asked to do the same thing. Pretty funny.

  1. Karen

    Great photos!!! Thanks for all your work taking them and posting them. I was so excited you were the one they were pointing out wearing the Walmart sweatshirt. How exciting. Were you able to get pix with them while you were wearing it? I’m so happy for AS because he seems to enjoy this event and his personality really seems to show.

    1. admin Post author

      No pix with cast. It was an absolute zoo and mayhem when the panel was over. I had to stand on my chair to get some photos. It was kinda scary way too many fans rushed the stage. My son was with me so it was quite worrisome for both of us. Those big crowds of fans are fun to see but not when you’re stuck in it!! He has the best fans in the world!!

  2. Karen

    I’m checking out all the photos and slides 8 and 9 look like he is staring right at you. 🙂 And then, slides 10 and 11 look like he is blushing. How adorable! Is he really blushing? If so, what from? Also, wish we knew what so many of them were whispering about to each other.

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