True Blood Episode 52 New Eric and Bill Image

A new episode still for True Blood’s season 5 episode 5.04 is shown above. Eric Northman and Bill Compton appear to be having a serious conversation. Perhaps discussing a way to find a released Russell Edginton? The new episode will air on Sunday July 1, 2012. The episode is titled:  “We’ll Meet Again”.

This is also the episode that was featured in the Waiting Sucks video with Eric and Pam. The screen cap above is from the preview video for the episode. Yes Eric will question Pam if she dug up Russell. Perhaps the “We’ll Meet Again” title is a nod to Eric and Pam seeing each other again after the mission to capture Russell is complete.

In another promo we do see Eric and Pam in much better terms. Eric seems to be consoling Pam and saying “you were born into greatness”. Seems to be their good bye until Eric’s mission is done.  (cap below);


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