True Blood Buzz: True Blood Character Lillith First Vampire

TV Guide Mega Buzz posted a tidbit on Season 5 character : Lillith

What’s coming up on True Blood— John 
 You know that creepy story we heard this week about Lilith, the first vampire, for whom Adam and Eve were supposedly created as food? Well, guess what? We’ll actually meet her this season — but not everyone will believe that she is who she says she is. “I don’t know if Roman believes it,” Christopher Meloni tells us. “He puts on the garb of a spiritual leader, possibly with a wink and a certain cynicism, so he’s willing to take that bet now that [she] isn’t real.”


There was a casting call for a character named “Lil” for episode 5.07: titled “In the Beginning”

[LIL] Female, early to late 20s, Caucasian. She’s supermodel beautiful. Strong and ethereal…no lines in the first episode. FULL FRONTAL NUDITY REQUIRED.

Sounds like yes we may be seeing Lillith in episode 5.07! Can’t wait.

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