True Blood Season 5 Trailer 2 HD Video and Screencaps

HBO posted a higher quality video trailer 2 for True Blood season 5. Video and screencaps below.  SPOILERS don’t look unless you want spoiling. We get to see Russell Edginton post un-cementing and a few other interesting scenes!

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4 thoughts on “True Blood Season 5 Trailer 2 HD Video and Screencaps

  1. nymerias

    I Russell was coming back sooner and I hope that the showdown between him Biil, Eric and Sookie is epic, instead of him being taken down quick and fast. I said that because he was so epic in season 3 and in this clip it looks like he is explaining himself and his arms look like they are behind their back, like he is being restrained or something.

    1. admin Post author

      I think they do go looking for him at the hospital but not sure he is still there. Knowing the way the show is Sookie will wind up being captured. Held hostage. Deal made etc. Russell will probably be a ‘changed’ vampire. Who knows! My guess is there will be an unlikely alliance between Eric/Bill/and Russell yah I know. crazy!!

  2. toni

    I used some of the Russell pics to do my Russell’s journey thing. I have no idea why but I am enthralled by him like no other character on the show, he completes me, lol!

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