True Blood New Waiting Sucks Promo Eric and Pam

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HBO aired a new Waiting Sucks promo for True Blood’s fifth season. The new video featured Eric Northman and Pam.

Update: EXTENDED Waiting Sucks promo on HBO GO:

Gallery below will have the screencaps from the promo:  Page link here on site will also have any more info and images

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4 thoughts on “True Blood New Waiting Sucks Promo Eric and Pam

  1. sunny

    Aww, everybody is so upset with this WS but don’t forget those listening devices! If SA would plant bugs in Fangtasia so would Kang Bill. LOL. Clearly he and Alcide are Pam’s accusers. Now why would they do that, hmmm? Remember when Alcide arrived at Fangtasia in s3 finale and Russell claimed one of ‘his’ wolves had arrived? There is only one reason why RE would think that….

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