New True Blood Season 5 Filming Images

True Blood was seen filming till almost three am today at the former hospital used a few weeks ago. The fans were able to get smoe more photos taken with Alexander Skarsgard and Stephen Moyer. UPDATE: Denis O’Hare (King Russell Edginton) was also spotted on the set but no photos were taken!! SO DEFINITELY the King is back! I say they might be helping him heal. Pretty likely that Sookie is also captured!!! The image above was tweeted :SOURCE

The filming looks like it will be for episode 5.05. photos from prior filming are on this page: Could be they are keeping Sookie hostage (again?)  Sookie’s car was seen at another location showing a lot of front end damage.  Or perhaps King Russell is recouperating at this location? Yes waiting sucks!!

Here are some of the photos from another fan taken at the prior filming (Shows the interior) This image below shows what could be a “padded cell”. Lots of crosses. The casting call for episode 5.05  titled “Boot N’ Rally Ally” called for

[box] SCRAWNY MAN (JIMMY)] In his 30s, very skinny, babbling in terror, he’s found in a padded cell. RECURRING

[KATE] Late 20s-early 30s. Skinny, unconscious, Kate is one of the prisoners with the Scrawny Man in the padded cell. No lines in this episode, RECURRING[/box]

9 thoughts on “New True Blood Season 5 Filming Images

  1. Porschagirl4198

    How exciting!! Glad to know Sookie’s car was there! And soooooo glad it looks like Eric and Beehl will be saving here. Their stories have to intertiwne! They just have to. Thanks Barbara!!!!

  2. sunny

    Barbara, ep 7 is due to begin filming on the 16th:

    TRUE BLOOD, Episode #507
    Director: Michael Ruscio
    Writer: Brian Buckner
    Location: L.A.
    Start Date: Approx. 3/16/2012 I think these latest fan pics must be from 5.06.

  3. Jul

    hey you guys I am new to this site. But I have seen all the fan pictures and I would like to know if you guys can tell me where they are filming next week. I would love to visit the set it looks so exciting. Can anyone help me in the right direction.

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