True Blood Season 5 Spoiler Eonline Bromance?

Eonline teased fans with the title “A New Couple on True Blood”? This is not a new spoiler but they talked with Alexander Skarsgard as part of the press tour  for “Battleship” recently:

[box] Eileen in Brooklyn: Anything you can tease about True Blood, like who is Sookie going to choose, Bill or Eric? How about…neither? “We call it season of the bromance,” sexy star Alexander Skarsgård told us at a presser for his new movie Battleship. “We just started [filming] and we’re on episode four of season five. I have a lot with Steve [Stephen Moyer] this year,” he said, quipping, “Eric is very intrigued by Bill now.” Honestly, we’re Team Eric no matter whom he hooks up with (especially if he’s nekkid)! TV’s Top Couple round two, y’all? [/box]


This is really not a “new” spoiler. Yet it does give fans another chance to wonder what will the “vamp dynamic duo” be like in season 5. I’m looking forward to seeing Eric Northman post amnesia and perhaps not having to kowtow to Bill in season 5. Still up in the air whether Bill will retain his title of King of Louisiana. (pretty sure the title was taken away by the Authority since they put out a death sentence for both Bill and Eric).

So what do you think of the “bromance” budding in season 5? I know I am getting tired of the whole romantic “triangle” that keeps being forced upon True Blood fans.

5 thoughts on “True Blood Season 5 Spoiler Eonline Bromance?

  1. Beth

    Just shoot me now! Sorry, I just can’t get excited about this at all. So wrong, on so many levels! 😆 Ah well, I guess they have to keep Bill relevant somehow.

    1. admin Post author

      Yah this little news has set off a lot of buzz..More muckery ahead for season 5. Still hopeful..It’s one thing to make a character interesting and it’s another to just bog the show down!! uGH thanks for the comment!!

  2. eriklover

    I just can’t see that. breaks my heart. I find it very difficult to watch Bill Compton.. I do NOT want him with my Eric. I’ll only tape the S5 epis, then try to watch them. I still cannot/ DO NOT waNT TO REWtxh S4. AB really did Eric a di sservice. I wissh AB would stop pulling Eric down to make Bill appear better. Sorry.. Bill sucks.

    1. admin Post author

      Sadly yes this is what drives me crazy! Eric Northman is what I watch on the show without needing Bill tagging along. I hope that at least we will have a snarky Eric once again not having to bow to King Bill. I know I’m the eternal optimist!! Thanks for the comment.

  3. Catherine

    I have to be honest I find Sookie hard to watch along with Tara. I can’t imagine what this “bromance” will turn out like, hopefully the next season won’t so the whole True Blood books, and what they have built up thus far on the TV. Admittedly season 4 was hard to watch, just for some of it’s *cringier* moments :/

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