True Blood Season 5 Casting News Meet Kibwe reported that Peter Mensah has been cast as Kibwe- “chancellor for The Authority”.

[box] EXCLUSIVE: Peter Mensah will join True Blood in a recurring role as Kibwe, Chancellor for the Authority. Originally from Africa, Kibwe works toward mainstreaming under Roman’s tenure. Mensah has appeared in films including Zack Snyder’s 300, Antoine Fuqua’s Tears Of The Sun, Touchstone Pictures’ Hidalgo and James Cameron’s Avatar. His television credits include Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Witchblade, The Pretender and Star Trek: Enterprise.[/box]


UPDATE:  “mainstreaming under Roman’s tenure”. It was speculated that perhaps Christopher Meloni’s character is “Roman”

Just noticed this on imdb: (Huge thanks to Trueblood Confidential) Listed under Christopher Meloni’s filmography:

True Blood (TV series)

– Authority Always Wins (2012) … Roman
– Turn! Turn! Turn! (2012) … Roman



4 thoughts on “True Blood Season 5 Casting News Meet Kibwe

  1. Katie

    Based on what is said about the Meloni character, that he is the mastermind of the mainstream movement, and that I have not seen a casting call for a ‘Roman”….it seems to fit. By the way I love this website…I look for spoilers on my lunch break at work and stumbled to your website about a month ago. I love it!

    1. admin Post author

      Aww thanks so much for your kind words! I try to get info up as soon as I find it! Yah it has been bugging the heck outta me how they cast Christopher M but no mention of his character! I posted this idea that he might be Roman in one of the FB forums. It makes a lot of sense. He was supposed to be a “powerful vampire/authority member”. Glad I am able to make your lunch break a bit more fun!!

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