True Blood Season 5 Additional Casting Call for 5×06

Additional casting call for episode 5.06 surfaced on imdb. SOURCE: (huge thanks to R!!)

Director: Dan Attias

Writer: Alan Ball

Start Date: 2/29/12

TRUE BLOOD, Episode #5.06

[JOE BOB] CAUCASIAN, EARLY 30s, White trash. An anti-vampire terrorist wearing an Obama mask to hide his identity, he shoots one vampire with a hunting rifle and takes his victim prisoner. Recurring.

[FEMALE NURSE] 40s. This polite but authoritative female nurse attempts (but fails) to stop a conversation between two upset patients. Co-star.

[MALE NURSE] This male nurse politely attempts to restrain an agitated patient on a gurney. Co-star.

[UNSAVORY VAMPIRE] Male, 30s to early 40s. An unsavory male vampire feeding in the alley behind Fangtasia, he’s chowing down on a victim whose heart is slowing to the point of near death. Co-Star

Previous casting call for 5.06 can be found here:

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