True Blood Season 5 Casting Calls Episodes 5×05 and 5×06

Waiting sucks but new casting calls help make the wait more bearable:

TRUE BLOOD, Episode #505, “Boot N’ Rally Ally”
Director: Michael Lehmann
Writer: Angela Robinson
Start Date: 2/10/12
Location: L.A.

[SCRAWNY MAN (JIMMY)] In his 30s, very skinny, babbling in terror, he’s found in a padded cell. RECURRING

[KATE] Late 20s-early 30s. Skinny, unconscious, Kate is one of the prisoners with the Scrawny Man in the padded cell. No lines in this episode, RECURRING

[KATHY] 20s. This pretty brunette fangbanger is more friendly than slutty. 4 lines, 2 scenes (10)

[BEVERLY] This plump, good-natured family friend of Luna’s has been babysitting for Emma while Emma is out with Sam. CO-STAR (ADMIN EDIT: I believe they meant to say “while Luna is out with Sam”)

[BURLY VAMPIRE] This burly vampire at the bar asks for a Tru-Blood. CO-STAR

UPDATE:  This song could be the one used for the episode: by the group Ice Hooter Link:


TRUE BLOOD, Episode #506
Director: Dan Attias
Writer: Alan Ball
Start Date Approx. 2/29
Location: L.A.

[VIVIAN] Female, Caucasian, early 20s to late 20s. She is radiantly beautiful and British. RECURRING

Source: Imdb: Rhoswen7

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