Alexander Skarsgard Fansites Holiday Charity Drive Thank You

Update on the Holiday Charity Drive! J sent over this post and photo showing some of the amazing scarves that were made by the fans! Thank you again to all who helped make the charity drive a success!

Alexander’s fans have impressed us once again…
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The Charity:

This year we decided to go with an endeavor which aides in comforting victims of abuse…
Handmade With Love Especially For You…

Handmade Especially For You wants every woman who comes into a shelter to receive a comfort scarf simply because she was brave enough to leave her abusive situation. We do not see comfort scarves as rewards or incentives for good behavior in the shelter or for following rules or anything other than “congratulations” for leaving abuse. Leaving an abusive environment is a huge step for the woman who takes it.

Handmade wants to make an impact on the women who receive the scarves, most of whom have never received a personal gift, much less a handmade personal gift. We want receiving these scarves to help lift their self-esteem and help them to begin changing their lives. We hope the scarves are a symbol of every woman’s transformation.

The scarves are not for sale. They are gifts, which we give from our hearts.

The Results:

Once again…I was surprised when I went to the PO and had a cart full of packages waiting for me…
Envelopes from Belgium, England, Spain and the United States…
From all over the world, the fans gathered together to make this Holiday Charity a success!
In total there were 68 beautiful, handmade scarves along with some very kind words from the fans.

One I’d like to share…and I hope she doesn’t mind…

To AlexSkarsgard.Net


I read about your 2011 endeavor on Face Book posted by a friend of mine. I once was a victim of abuse. It was years ago, but nonetheless remembered almost as though it was yesterday. I didn’t know help existed at the time (in the 70’s) and it probably didn’t to the extent that it does today. I admire women who reach out and get away from that life.
This fall I began crocheting scarves using yarn leftover from other projects. I had no idea what I would do with them, but I knew I’d figure it out eventually. And then I read your article and I knew immediately that I would send these scarves to you for your giving to women who seek help.
I will save your website in my favorites so that I know your 2012 project and maybe I can do something to help. Wishing you the very best in your endeavors to help others.

Best regards,
(enclosed 19 scarves)

So very thoughtful and touching! This letter sums up why we do what we do!
I hope you ladies and gents continue to participate in our endeavors…it means so much to those we’re helping and makes everything we do worthwhile…

The Shoutouts:

We want to thank those who contributed…both in monetary and craft donation.

You all deserve a pat on the back and a big hug for taking the time out to think of others this holiday season…

One name I want to mention is the winner of the Alexander Skarsgård signed 8 x 10!!

My little elf princess (daughter) drew, from a hat, the following name…

CAROLINE MILLET – Washington : )

Hooray for Miss Caroline!!
I have your address sweetie and will be sending out your prize soon!!!

Again, from all of us, thank you so much for your participation in helping to make this event a success!
We appreciate it and wish you and yours a VERY MERRY HOLIDAY SEASON!!!

AlexSkarsgard.Net, SkarsgardNews.Com & SkarsgardFans.Com

Again a huge thank you to all the fans!! Thanks to  all the fan sites who helped spread the news! Happy 2012 to all.

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