True Blood Promo Video 4 x11 Soul of Fire

Let the True Blood fangover begin! Yes tonight’s episode was action packed but based on the promo that aired after tonight’s episode 4.11 will be even crazier. (oh and this is the one that was filmed on location in La Puente!)

Waiting sucks! Click on READ MORE for the screencap images:


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14 thoughts on “True Blood Promo Video 4 x11 Soul of Fire

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  2. Karen

    I’m so glad you posted the screen caps from the previews of 4.11. I can’t figure out what Jesus is carving in his arm…could he have taken possession of Marnie? Also, does Andy see fairy light in the woods or is it something else?

    I now need to see if you have the screen caps from the last 2 episodes preview. Crazy stuff is going to happen and waiting sucks even more!

    1. admin Post author

      I believe he is doing the “blood letting” stuff like his grandfather did before he did the snake bite on Lafayette. The spirit needs a sacrifice ie blood. Hope that makes sense? I added the screencaps from the “Blood will spill” also so you can see even more crazy stuff happening!! thanks for visiting.

  3. Julie

    Thank you for posting all those incredible pictures. My guessing on Pam/Eric Sookie is:
    Eric offers himself for Sookie, Pam (already jealous in Episode 4×10) is not willing to let her maker die, so she tries to kill Marnie (and standing right next to her Sookie). And this clearly means a lot of trouble for her with Eric 🙂

    1. admin Post author

      I have a photo that I took at rehearsals back in June and when I saw him on his knees in front of Bill I went ballistic. LOL My heart hoped that he was offerering himself up in exchange for Sookie. At the time AP was not on set so I had no idea if my feelings were correct. So I can’t wait till next week to see! Pam will take matters in her own hands because of how Eric is in front of Bill and what BILL IS DOING..UGH. so yes Pam will be so kick arse! Thanks for the comment! Can’t wait!!!

      1. Julie

        I also can’t wait, but we have only 2 episodes left and then we have to wait for 9 monts til S5 🙁 Hate it!!
        What do you think, will Eric throw Pam out because she endangered (or even hurt) Sookie and could this be the reason she is crying in the Blood Will Spill Promo?
        I also think this burning scene might be a dream where Sookie has to choose bewteen Eric and Bill?
        Oh, I love this crazy show!

        1. admin Post author

          Same here. Gawd I am going to hate the waiting for the new season! ugh!! OMG my head is spinning with speculations!! Still thinking about what to think about Eric/Pam. I heard what he said to her at filming so I’m not sure! UGH..thanks for posting and yes Love this show.

  4. vanessa

    Hey, you are almost the only one who reallys go deep in the show, so i love to visit here and see the screencaps and comments. I really think that:
    – Pam will try to kill Marnie and the fire will back to them, so Jason will almost die (probably became a vampire)…So Eric will be really fucking angry with Pam (explains she crying).
    – Sookie finally sees that Beel is a fucker, and broke up foooor good with him (explains she crying with the same clothes appear on the photo- TV guide)
    – Jesus will taken possession of Antonia and end this shit with Marnie x Antonia
    – Burning scene might be Sookie dreaming about a choice, because Maudette appears with sookie, behind.

    What do you guys think?

    (sorry my really bad english)

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks! Cool ideas I’m still working on some speculations. I’m still thinking it ove. Your ideas sound pretty plausible. No worries on your English it was great. Waiting really sucks!

  5. vanessa

    will you post some spoilers and speculations this week?

    And… I am thinking, you could talk abou “the talk” between Eric and Sookie on last episode…I mean, i got some ideas and i don’t think she was such a bitch as everyone else is saying and i will love to read something about this scene come from you 😉

    1. admin Post author

      Yes I’m trying to finish up the screencaps first and then a recap of the episode. Then the spoilers part! Still trying to get through everything. Plus I still have photos that I took during the rehearsals that were on site in June for 4.11 that I still need to post. Thanks again!

  6. elizabeth

    Does anyone else think that Antonia might get drawn out in the begininng of the episode before she goes outside with Sookie?If you listen closely to when Marnie talks,you dont hear Antonia’s accent.

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