Are You Ready for New True Blood Episode Tonight?

Waiting always sucks for True Blood fans. At least the new episode 4.10 #46 will be shown tonight. The Nest posted some images on their Facebook wall that show some images from one of the promos shown above SOURCE:

This gives me more hope that there are “lingering” effects to the amnesia spell. It looks like the spell has been broken in the image above. I wrote my speculations for this episode and had the feeling that yes there will be some small effect on Eric post spell break. UPDATE: I believe that Sookie is also sad in the image above  worrying about her special Fae powers that probably caused a lot of damage on a spelled vampire at the Tolerance Meeting. Maybe she is afraid that she might hurt one of the vamps she cares for   by accident (waiting sucks) The review here states “Sookie will use powers she has not used before” So I definitely think she is going to show a lot of power and yes will break a spell (and in the process I think will kill one of the spelled vamps)

UPDATE: I will be adding more images to the gallery on this page every hour (hopefully) before tonight’s episode airs tonight! I also have some for next week’s episode as well (I think they are for some of 4.11). Yes teasing and waiting sucks! the other photos from the rehearsals are in the posts here:

Filming Fun Fangover

Main Street mayhem:

This image from the filming led me to believe that as well as what Alex in character was saying in a later scene in the rehearsal.

Eric is definitely post amnesia. I still think he is offering himself up for Sookie.

I will post the uncropped image later today before the episode. I don’t want to set off a huge fan war (which would be a bigger one that the witch versus vampire war)

Waiting still sucks but here are a few more photos to whet the appetite:

Vampire "Kirsch" on the ground with King Bill

Another image showing Pam in a bit of “protection” mode with Eric (love their relationship on the show):

Pam is in "protect" mode here I believe.

Gallery below has new images from the rehearsals:

[nggallery id=304]

6 thoughts on “Are You Ready for New True Blood Episode Tonight?

      1. viggolover1

        I hope is nothing that will make me sad…the waiting is killing me…some of my Eric lovers are so negative about this. I’m trying to keep positive. I think Sookie and Eric’s relationship and love is beautiful and I like the way they bond it in agreement…plus I do love that they fell in love before any love exchange. I know there were feelings between the two of them before…but nothing like this. Even Bill told Sookie in season 3 that he knew that Sookie had feelings for Eric.

          1. admin Post author

            No worries! I make typos all the time! Yes I don’t know what the heck will really happen. I saw some of the filming but so much can change in editing. I can’t handle more sad stuff.

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