True Blood New Episode Are you Ready For More Burning Blood?

dsc_0108In less than an hour True Blood fans will finally have a new episode to enjoy! Episode 45-“Burning Down the House” looks like it will be full of action. I added some more rehearsal photos from filming that was for this episode. The gallery below contains those images showing Alexander Skarsgard, Kristine Bauer van Straten and Stephen Moyer in full vampire mode. Waiting has really sucked for me. I saw the rehearsal and filming for this in June and have been anxiously awaitng the airing of the actual action. Images are spoiler in nature!

UPDATE: Looks like we have to wait till next week! The preview trailer for episode 4.11  did show the action in the image above (but from a longer distance:


I still say that Eric might be offering up himself in exchange for Sookie. When I watched the rehearsals neither Sookie nor Marnie were on the street. This is what it really looked like. (it’s amazing what they do in editing!)

So yes WAITING SUCKS! What will happen. (ok I know what will happen) More in speculations. Here’s a hint: Pam will take matters into her own hands.


The screencaps for the promo trailer for 4.11 are here:

There are other images as well on the page on this link:

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