True Blood Episode 46 Trailer Screencaps


Next week’s episode of True Blood looks like it will be another crazy one! Episode 46  is the tenth episode for season 4. The video trailer is found here on the site:

The gallery below contains screncap images from that trailer. Don’t blink or you might just miss something. Spoiler in nature ! The image above is very interesting. Looks like the Fae may be back in Bon Temps! Also King Bill does take a “shot” at Eric. Sookie is going to be using all her powers to keep Eric and Bill alive it looks like from the trailer. Waiting still sucks!

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8 thoughts on “True Blood Episode 46 Trailer Screencaps

    1. Laura Pfeifer

      Lisette, I thought for sure it is a Fae but now that I looked at this closeup, yes, it has a similar nose that the mask had. I still think it is a Fae though.

  1. Ohiogurl

    Isn’t the creature what Lafayette saw Jesus as for a moment after they took V together (and not a fairy)? Maybe this is some facet of Jesus’s power or personality being used to defeat Marntonia? I wish I knew what made Nan look so shocked, and Marntonia so distressed. .

    1. admin Post author

      Could be the “brujo/demon” mask we’ve seen a few times. Just looks like the figure on the left is “grey” like the real fae. don’t know. MarniA is worried that her plan won’t work when she sees King Bill perhaps “hurting” Eric. Nan I think sees Sookie using her real powers. Waiting SUCKS!! Thanks for checking it out!

  2. Laura Pfeifer

    So it looks like Sam(as himself, not Tommy’s shift)is going to confront the packmaster over beating up Tommy! I’m wondering if this means Tommy is coming back next season, that he will give him another chance at “brotherly love.” Also Sam will be fighting for his lady…

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