True Blood Season 4 New Spoiler Screencaps

Marnie wearing Eric's jacket

The video trailer from the TCA panel yesterday had a lot of new interesting scenes for True Blood’s season 4. I saw Marnia (ok Marnie/Antonia) wearing a leather jacket much like the Viking Vampire Eric Northman’s jacket.  SPOILERS In the images!!!

These screen caps show the “festival of Tolerance” that the AVL is hosting to improve human/vampire relations. This looks like it will be the target of some anti-vampire group since we see them running for their lives (Sookie is shown yelling run). I spy the little girl that was cast for episode 4.10 (who will be shown later on covered in blood looking for her mom).



looks like episode 4.09-the little girl on the far right was cast for 4.10


Also see Jessica getting her invitation rescinded I believe. A lot of fun new scenes enjoy!

Can’t wait to see this on the next episode: Eric is not too please that King Bill interupts a passionate kiss perhaps:





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