True Blood Episode Mayhem Me and the Devil

True Blood’s fourth season is in full swing and the fifth episode “Me and the Devil” was shown last night. Here is a video recap of what HBO posted for the episode. (note just a highlight video-see if you can see what is driving me crazy about the episode)

Grossout Moments


Mickens Meltdown

Yes the episode starts right off with Tommy Mickens being strangled by big ole bad daddy Joe Lee. Tommy finally did learn something the year he was away from the awful parent. He learned to play dead and gain some time to surprise daddy and beat the man to death. Ma Mickens playing the dutiful abused spouse goes to Joe Lee’s rescue and gets the wrong end of the pipe Tommy was swinging. No surprise there that we would soon see a shifter killing a family member.  Luna practically gave us this scenario in the episode last week where she mentions how a skinwalker can take on any form including humans. (but the price was to have killed a family member who was also a shifter).

So yes RIP to the Mickens parents. At least the gore in this part was kept to a minimum. We do see Tommy covered in splattered blood but are spared some huge sprays and gross out moments. Those are saved for later on when we do see how Sam and Tommy “bury their parents”.  Who knew that ‘gators loved marshmallows? Apparently Sam Merlotte did. We also do finally get confirmation that good ole Sam did kill 2 people back in his “dark days”.

I could not help but feel sorry for Tommy. He had been a victim his whole life of horrible abuse at the hands of those who were supposed to only provide love and care. All that pent up anger led to the attack. Tommy truly did not mean to kill his mother and showed us that in the scene where he says goodbye to her. He will never get over this guilt and yes I foresee some skinwalking up ahead.

Pam Takes the Veil


At the end of last week’s episode Pam is on the wrong end of the Marnie/Antonia (Marnia?) witch-stick and is cursed with a rotting spell. It only gets worse for Pam this week. Her beautiful face is shown in an even more putrified condition. King Bill shows his funny side when seeing Pam show up in his office  in a “veil” and states “Oh good, the world needs more beekeepers”. Pam shows she is not amused and removes the veil. King Bill was probably looking for a barf bag if vamps could barf.


His majesty chastizes Pam for going against his wishes since she did go to the witch. Pam wants permission to kill Marnie (can you blame her?) As Pam snarkily states “You mess (ok she said another word) with my face, it’s time to die!”. AVL poster King refuses of course but promises to convene the sheriffs to discuss the matter. Wow sounds like the King has the bureaucracy part down perfectly. King Bill tries to give Pam some advice on how maybe some lipstick would help. Great idea if only she had not already tried that and had most of that part of her face already come off! (gotta love Pam even with her face falling off she can still be snarky)

We do see Marnie captured by the AVL later on and is kept in the vampire jail cell at King Bill’s mansion. Bill glamours Marnie to see if she truly knows how to reverse the spell to no avail.


Portia Still Wants to Shake that Family tree?

Good ole Portia Bellefleur visits her great great great great grandpa King Bill. This part of the episode was gross for me hearing Portia try to reason with Bill on how they should still continue their romance (ok just sex at this point for Bill). Hearing Portia argue how “42 states have repealed an anti-incest law” even in cases of brother and sister, they have found no credible reason to ban sex between two consenting adults”  left me with an urge to barf. Portia being a lawyer would try to justify herself with the law and “rules”. Sadly she missed the mark here. anti-incest laws were there to protect the victims of that abuse who were not consenting.

King Bill glamours her to get over him and now we will get to see Portia run away and scream whenever she sees his majesty. Really Bill? How about just making her forget about you. Now we have to see silly Portia screaming like a banshee. Yay NOT.


Jesus and LaLa Roadtrip

One of the highlights in the episode was hearing Lafayette say to Marnie after she comes to (another Marnia moment) “Hookah you pissed off another vampire then you took a g-d NAP!” Marnie tries to explain that it was the spirit who did the cursing and not her. That spirit “saved them” from the big ole bad vampire Eric.  Lala has none of that. “Saved us? Oh witchiepoo you have royally screwed us”.

Jesus and Lafayette make for Mexico to get help from Jesus’ grandpa who is a powerful brujo. Sorry but didn’t Jesus say how bad his father and grandfather were last season? As if that were not enough to give worry we are treated to another truly grossout moment when Jesus flashes back to his childhood. Seems that he was forced to perform an animal sacrifice and lick the knife used to kill a poor goat. Grossout moment again when the young Jesus has to lick the bloody knife in order to “get the spirit” of the animal. Jesus seemed to relish that moment even know.  He tries to justify it by saying whatever that force was we need to get some of that NOW!


Lala-RUN as far away as you can from this guy! Sorry but the moment I heard the brujo comment last season I feared this was coming. Thankfully Lafayette still has some of the best lines this season. When they get to Jesus’ grandpas he sees a very pregnant young woman hanging clothes. Lala says “looks like grandpa still has some lead in that pencil” .

The Good (yes there were some good moments)


Godric Visits Eric

Please did anyone really think that the scenes shown to us where Godric is with Eric this week were going to be anything but a dream? Godric met the sun how else would he be back. More mayhem ensues when Godric goes fangy  in Sookie’s bedroom and tells Eric to “drink with me and we will walk in the sun together.” Eric refuses so Godric tells him he is damned and not to fight his evil nature and chokes Eric to make him drink from Sookie. Duh Eric wakes up in his hidey hole from his bad dream. (neat trick how the hidey hole lights are motion sensitive to turn on when he gets up)

Eric goes to Sookie and tells her of his bad dream. She consoles him when he asks why is he crying. She explains that he loved Godric very much (amnesia Eric did not realize who he was). Much like a child would want to sleep with a parent or someone else after a bad dream Eric asks if he can stay with her in her bed. Yes only if he keeps his fangs and hands to himself.


Eric lays down facing away from Sookie and pulls her arm around his chest. “I would never hurt anyone as beautiful as you.” Eric tells her. The framing for that scene gave us a quite a visual of a very tall Viking Vampire looking quite lost and helpless with Sookie’s arm as a security blanket. Eric’s bloody tears all down his face added to that visual for me.

Jason Recovery From Hotshot

Jessica and Hoyt get Jason back from the road and help him on his way to recovery from the attacks at Hotshot. Jessica’s vampire blood hastens his recovery and Hoyt is grateful to her for helping his friend. Jessica says how it is all in the wrist (get it..she gave him blood from her wrist…LOL). A little bit of comedy to ligthen what seems to be a foreshadowing to trouble in their romance. Jessica is living with the guilt over glamouring Hoyt.

So while this was a bit of light and good in the episode I fear that something very bad is ahead for the young lovers. We did also get a bit of fun dream for Jason. After ingesting Jessica’s vampire blood Jason is treated to a nice dream with her but unfortunately Hoyt also makes a visit to his fantasy. Poor Jason. He can’t even enjoy some sexy dreams without having Hoyt in them.


The Kiss

As if to sway fans away from the Eric and Sookie story line this season Tara stays planted on Sookie’s couch this episode. Sookie keeps talking to her friend but keeps a wary eye out on the hidey hole wardrobe knowing full well that Ms. Thornton may not like having Eric show up. Lo and behold Eric comes out of his hidey hole and Tara goes all “Tara” on him. She grabs a poker from the fireplace and lunges at Eric.


Eric goes into protect Sookie mode. Don’t know if anyone else noticed this but Eric made sure to keep himself between Tara and Sookie. Even Sookie seemed to hide behind the viking. The poker was metal and would not kill Eric but it could have hurt human Sookie. No reasoning with Tara. She spouts off to Sookie  calling her a hypocrite. “How can you let him stay here? He sold you out to Russell Edginton, he tricked you into drinking his blood, he locked Lafayette into his dungeon and tortured him?” Luckily for us Tara finally leaves the house. (don’t let the door hit ya on the arse Ms. Thornton).

The camera was focused on Eric’s face while he was hearing of his past atrocities. The words seemed to have a crushing effect on the viking. Learning of his past deeds he asks Sookie why are you letting me stay here? Sookie says how he can be decent and that she would not let him stay if she did not think be with him if “she did not think he could change”. Eric tells her  “there’s light in you, and I could not bear it if I snuffed it out” . He leaves the house but Sookie calls him back.

Seeing Sookie hold out her arms to Eric gave me some hope for the season. Sookie and Eric hug and it is Sookie who gently kisses Eric on the cheek. Then they kiss some more. This is the first kiss that Eric knows of (they did kiss in season 3) and is an important moment. Some fans are saying there was no chemistry. Don’t know if they expected panties to spontaneously combust or what! However this is a shared moment that is just a prelude to any possible future intimacy. Once that first kiss happens the relationship DOES CHANGE. You can’t take it back. Even if you go back to being just “friends”. (Anna Paquin is doing a great job so far showing the way Sookie’s heart is softening towards Eric this season)

Yes only 8 minutes of this storyline were spent in episode 4.05 but at least they were quality ones. No the Viking does not ravage her on the porch. All we see is a kiss.

Unfortunately it seems we will see what may follow after this kiss perhaps “interupted” by King Bill next week. 4-05458Pam unfortunately spills the beans (ok and her ear) to Bill that the witch did erase Eric’s memory and tells her King where Eric really is. Pam does seem truly sorry and is seen saying “I am so sorry Eric”.

Bad Wacked out Moments

Some of the “bad” moments for me were also some of the gross ones mentioned before. Here are a few that can stand on their one for me as just plain ole “Bad”.

Singing & Smudging Out That Devil

The writing on the wall in last week’s episode scared the beejeezus outta Arlene and Terry who seek help from the Church for this issue. Looks like Lettie Mae did get her Reverend Man and shows up to sing out the demons and cast out the evil from Terry and Arlene’s home. They sing quite a tune (as if that weren’t enough the scare the heck out of cute baby Mikey who looked adorable) and smudge out the “spirits”. Terry was funny saying how the smudge stick smoke smelled a lot like pot (ok it does a bit-they use sage in those sticks).

The singing and the smudging did help it seems at least to have Terry and Arlene enjoy some adult time in the bed. I love seeing Terry happy on the show. His character is quite a tortured soul with so many inner demons. Still don’t know how they expect fans to keep thinking the baby is “evil”. Arlene finally admitted that they don’t have a demon to exorcise but a “ghost”. FINALLY. Yes the so called “ghost” does make an appearance but we do not see it. The only thing we see is a set of matches light up next to the bed.

How I wish they would burn this whole creepy doll/ghost storyline right out of the show. Sorry just how I feel. Love Terry and Arlene together just let them be happy but that does not make for great drama. Oh well. Previews have shown us what will happen to their love shack. So yes more airtime for this storyline.

Gran Chatting With Sookie UPDATE:   Tell a Gran (love this thanks buell)

Sookie tries to see if she can find any info from Marnie that might help out with Eric’s curse. Marnie tries to shoo her away but Sookie sweet talks her way to a reading. Lo and behold Marnie channels Gran. Gran tells Sookie to look out for Jason and to not fall for this new man in her life because he is only temporary. Sookie hones in and “listens” to Marnie and Gran warns her “sweetheart, this woman poses great danger”. Marnie interupts before Sookie can hear more.
Not that I don’t mind Sookie chatting with Gran she does it all the time when she visits her at the cemetary. What bugged me about this scene was how they made a point to tell Sookie to “not trust this new man“. This veiled wording only leads to more “fire and controversy” and pot stirring for fans who feel Sookie can only love one man in her life and that man was Bill. Gran could have meant Alcide or Bill (who has changed so much as a King and seems not to be the vampire he once was..) However it was there to show how little it seems that the “Eric” story line was favored by those who are in charge of the show. Just my opinion based on how I see it. I could be all wrong and it is just setting it up to go another way of course.

Church Flashbacks

The sheriffs are called to King Bill’s home and one speaks of the “Spanish Massacre” which happened in the 1600’s (no duh I know how to read an episode recap LOL).

4-05442 Sheriff Luis tells how when a powerful witch Antonia was burned she unleashed a spell that caused every vampire within 20 miles to walk into the sun causing their demise. At least my speculation of  how the church protected the vampires back then since they were vampires in their organization were proven correct. Luis mentions how many priests and nuns met their demise from Antonia’s curse since they were vampires (including his maker).  Cue the foreshadowing for upcoming episodes. Yes we will see more of this in upcoming episodes.

Marnie while in the vampire jail cell goes into a Marnia trance. We are then shown Antonia in a cell with her fellow witches. Marnie is witnessing this all as if she were actually there. One of the witches is made into a meal for the vampire priests. Antonia also seems to see Marnie during these flashbacks. Sadly Marnie is the one who does not realize she is being used by this powerful spirit. SPOILER..Antonia is using Marnie as a vessel to wreak havoc again on vampires. (could one of the witches be turned into a vampire? will we see her again perhaps this season?)

There were many many many other story lines last night. I liked the episode but what made it especially frustrating for me as a visual person was just how many different characters did appear in the episode. I counted out all those we did see last night and came up with 32 different characters. Not that I don’t love the cast they are truly talented and wonderful. However the show is only an hour long (ok it was aroudn 56 minutes). So many characters mean only so much air time for each story line. Seemed to be a bit frenetic at times for me.

I can’t end the post without some nice bit of light and hope so enjoy this cap showing what may be a prelude something fans (ok some fans not all fans) have been awaiting:
Oh and there were quite a few screencaps that I noticed possible foreshadowing to some possible future action. This one caught my eye.
As did this one. Something about the way they framed both vampires in this scene. Are they to be trusted? Perhaps the King faces a dangerous coup?

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  1. Karen

    Thanks for all the work in posting the screen shots.

    I also noticed the shots with the dual faces in them that you pointed out above. I wonder what that means?

    I agree that eight minutes is no where near enough of Eric and Eric with Sookie. If there were only eight minutes of him in each episode then that would be approximately 96 minutes of air time from seven months of filming. Hmmm.

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks for the kind words and for posting! The caps take a while for me to do. I try not to just “grab super fast” (which I do sometimes) and make sure they are clear and show some of the emotions! LOL that’s the photographer in me I guess!

      The sequencing and the double images caught my eye. I’m visual and maybe that is why I noticed them. I think they are foreshadowing future action. I’m cool with whatever is shown it was just super frustrating having SO MANY STORIES! 33 characters! Seriously! way too many people. Love them all but really makes for super short stories. IMHO thanks for commenting!!

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