True Blood 4.05 Me and the Devil Screencaps


Another new episode aired tonight and yes lots of action for True Blood fans. I am adding screencaps from the episode to the gallery below.

It was great to see some of my “speculations” come true! Oh yes! I just knew the church had a few vampires hidden away in their closet! And yes the tie-in for Antonia and her revenge agains the vampires is finally out! Seems that when Antonia was being burned at the stake she performed an incantation/spell and made all vampires within 20 miles go into the daylight (and burned). Including many priests and nuns and also the maker for “Luis” the vampire sheriff. (who tells the tale at King Bill’s home).


I”ll write a recap soon. First impressions-yes it was great to see Sookie iniate the “kiss moment”. However way too much airtime for all the extra storylines. Really did not need to see the Jesus flashback scene at all! oh well! Gallery below will be updated with the rest of the caps.  The page here on this site will have all the caps when done: Photogallery:

Ok…this one is my favorite so far (except for the kiss one added below)

The gallery for all the screen caps for 4.05 can be found on the page here on this site will have all the caps when done: Photogallery:

The screen caps take time to grab so if you do use any of these please credit back here. I know there are lots of fans out there who do give proper credit but also there are many more who do not. It took a long time for me to grab them and I try to make the best quality possible. Thanks! Here’s one of my favorites. It shows how Sookie took the first step in the kiss tonight. All in all this episode had great moments but for me it was far too filled with filler!


The gallery here has the caps: enjoy!

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