True Blood Speculations Comic Con Sneek Peek Screen Caps


Took a second look (ok and third and fourth look) at the True Blood rest of season video trailer that was shown at Comic Con  yestersday and was able to grab a few more screen caps that show a lot more action. Some of these are super clear since they were only shown for a few seconds in the frame but they definitely show a lot!

The cap above shows Eric Northman with silver chains around his neck. The wording that is being said is from King Bill who is chastising Sookie for allowing Eric to get “close” to her. This is proabably for episode 4.05 when Eric and Sookie will share an intimate kiss.

The scene where Bill runs into Sookie’s home is one that was shown in a preview. Eric responds by throwing King Bill into the fireplace. Again the sequencing is being edited to look differently.


He called Eric a manipulator. Interesting how at that moment Eric is shown retracting his fangs and not going in for big bite. I believe that Eric in the cap above is in silver in King Bill’s jailcell. (the silver also could be to keep the vampires from going into the sun-Antonia is mentioned by King Bill as wanting all the vampires to walk into the sun and we do see Jessica almost outside in the daylight).


Looks like Tara gets to kill a vampire. We see her in the cemetary and she pulls out a gun and then we see the vampire go all “gooey”. (cap below) The gallery below also shows her pulling a gun on Eric when he is with Sookie.



This cap shows what might be a flashback where Antonia was perhaps burning a vampire priest? (the white robes look like church vestements). This is probably the “Spanish Massacre” that was referenced by Nan Flanigan and also by King Bill in this newer trailer.


We did get to finally see Mavis (the ghost who perhaps is haunting the creepy doll) in the video trailer. The cap below shows the man who was cast for the same time frame. He could have been a voodoo practioner (or perhaps Mavis was) Looks like an altar behind him: It looks like the home that Hoyt rented for he and Jessica.


There were a few scenes showing Debbie Pelt looking quite jealous of Sookie and asking Alcide if he was in love with her. I believe that it was Alcide who carries Sookie away when she is hurt by gunfire (the last scene we see is Sookie lying in the cemetary with blood on her shirt).

It might be the AVL guard shooting Sookie. The cap below shows a guard aiming at someon. Perhaps Sookie tries to keep Bill away from Eric and uses her microwave fingers and winds up being shot? Or perhaps the microwave fingers are used against Tara. (who knows! we’ll find out soon enough).


Looks like Alcide carrying Sookie:


We also see the AVL guards tackling Jason in the gallery below. We do see King Bill being silvered with a cross and the person is wearing a black glove. These gloves look a lot like the ones that the weres who kidnapped Bill in season 3. (could the new packmaster not like the vampires? Or is Debbie Pelt back to her old ways?) UPDATE: the gloves look a lot like the packmaster’s. We see the gloves when he visits Alcide. Screen caps here:


This cap is from episode 4.05: The packmaster’s glove :


There are many more images in the gallery below and also in the prior postings. As I always say- don’t blink or you might miss something!

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  1. toni

    I thought we saw that guy before when Lafayette and Jesus had the trip last year as Jesus evil ancestor. It’s why I started thinking Jesus has some bad going on inside him that he doesnt know yet.

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