Which Witch Was Way Wicked


Taking a second look at a few of the scnes fro episode 4.02.

Marnie’s spell may not have been the full trigger. Seems that Holly’s incantation-Elements of the night Elements of the dead , come this way,  we call upon ye, we summon ye...

The video below shows the “incantation” and later spell from Marnie from episode 4.02:

Which witch was the “trigger” for the full summoning? Holly did start the incantation. She grabs the hands of the two women on either side of her and joins the circle. Jesus tries to bring Lafayette into the circle but  Lafayette pulls away.


Marnie had told the wiccans to join hands right before Eric bit her. When Holly saw that Marnie was attacked by Eric she started the chant. (which seems to be a protection spell she called upon the elementals-energies/spirits of the night. Interesting how she also called upon the elements of the dead)


Tara enters the room and tries to stake Eric from behind with a wooden cross (conveniently placed by the doorway with other wands). Eric drops Marnie and grab Tara. This causes Lafayette to join the incantation and the circle. When Lafayette joins in , there seemed to be a “surge” of energy again and it seemed that the spirt did swoop down onto Marnie (and also through Eric ).  Lafayette only  joined in on the incantation after seeing Tara was in danger. (Tara seriously-did you think you could sneek up on Eric with that wooden cross?)

Did Jesus talk Lafayette into joining the wiccans again that night? Still have my doubts about Jesus. Wrote about some of those linked here.  Still have a feeling that perhaps the spirit that was summoned is somehow linked to Jesus’ family (or perhaps also to Eric since he was around when this powerful witch was still alive during the inquisition). I know a lot of time has been spent on analyzing the Latin spell that Marnie chants and the effect it has on Eric. I just realized that the spirit that did seem to be in control of Marnie had to be “summoned” somehow and it looks like Holly’s chant may have started the whole thing rolling.

Something wicked this way surely does come in season 4. Sunday’s new episode will give fans a bit more insight into what effect the spell does have on Eric Northman. I can’t wait!



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  1. Cheri

    I know this is from the books, but in book 4, the evil witches were “Were”/shifters who drank vampire blood…so, I am wondering if this will come into play…especially if the Were pack becomes involved via Alcide/Luna & Sam. Plus, I have always wondered what significance there is to Jesus’ tattoo of a jaguar…could that mean that he is a Were-jaguar…or is that animal just his “familiar”? (From the net: “Since ancient times, witches and magicians have worked magic with the aid of Familiars, or helpful spirits”…which can be a particular animal, a pet, etc) I did notice that Lafayette seems to be providing the extra “juice” that Marnie needs to channel spirits…it appeared that his power was being channeled into Marnie while he was trying to protect Tara from Eric… Lots of food for thought~~!!! Thanks ..xooxoxxo

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