True Blood Season 4 Witches, Weres, Vampires and Spies?


Waiting for the new season of True Blood has definitely sucked. The new season premiered with great ratings and fans are clamouring (or is it glamouring) for more. The second episode of the new season “You Smell Like Dinner” aired on HBO Go on Sunday night and there were quite a few more questions answered in this episode. SPOILER ALERT-if you have not seen the episode don’t look!


Fans do find out just how Bill Compton ascended to the throne. Yes and also just what happens right after the fight between he and Queen Sophie Anen. The flashback scene also did provide a bit more insight into how long Mr. Compton has been involved with the AVL. (SPOILER–yes it turns out that Nan Flanigan recruited Bill in the 80’s to spy on the royalty of the vampire world for the AVL)


The human guards that did the “deed” to Queen Sophie Anne look a bit familiar. One of the male guards looks like he is still working for King Compton. One of the female guards may also look familar. I’m not positive but it looks a lot like the spy Katarina that was at the witches ceremony.  Hmm interesting.  Kudos to the fans who pointed that out! If it is true then the King has had a special spy for a year!


Is this the same “spy”?

Photo credit: HBO 4.02 King Bill and his special friend

Another question I hope will be revealed eventually was why did King Bill insist that Eric Northman handle the witch matter personally? Even Pam has that same question in episode 4.03. For each question answered there will always be a few more raised. Bill mentions to Sookie in 4.02 how “Eric has friends in high places”. That has been driving me crazy. I think I may have figured it out.


Perhaps Eric is holding the fact that Bill did lie to Nan when asked what was so special about Sookie? Eric perhaps also did not want to risk harm to Sookie is keeping that secret from Nan. Nan did say you better not be lying to me and used the Queen as an example of the last vampire who lied to her (and we know how that worked out for her) Could Eric’s friend in high places be Bill? If a friend is one who also wants to kill you I can so see this as a possibility.


Yes waiting for the new season has sucked but now it is time to feast on all the new Blood!

The screen caps below are from 4.02 SPOILERS yes it is pretty graphic!

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  2. Karen

    Thank you for posting these and for your insight. As a Bookie, I sometimes want to yell at AB and, then when he gets me all twisted and teased in the story with a great payoff, I then just want to hug him.

    1. admin Post author

      You’re very welcome! I too want to holler at AB at times. Really can’t believe the twist and turns he has taken with Bill. (I’m truly an Eric fan and am shocked). It will be interesting to see just what the heck comes out of all this. thanks for commenting.

  3. Snarksville

    Whoever dresses the actors (and in particular the person who picks out Alex’s shirts, ESPECIALLY the tanks) for this show deserves a bloody Key to the City! Or at least a HUGE raise! Oh my goodness…

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