True Blood Season 4 Alan Ball Intro Video

The video below is from HBO and it features Alan Ball discussing some of the upcoming action for season 4 of True Blood. There are a few BIG spoilers in the video that will be airing in the episodes ahead so don’t watch if you don’t want to be spoiled!

This part of the video shows action that has not yet aired. Can’t say that I’m very happy with this scene at all!

Sorry to say that this does not bode well for a certain Fae! Same dress.


Don’t know how I forgot about this part! There is a lot of buzz over the sound byte of King Bill stating that the vampire must meet his true death. I still say it is a bait and switch (to get fans in a tizzy over which vampire will it be. Not going to be Eric in my opinion..) Don’t forget about the casting call for a vampire feeding from a woman and humans are video taping it. I saw a snippet in the video above that shows Marnie “controlling” a vampire. Images below: (that looks like the vampire that is feeding from the woman wearing a bad “Dracula” type wig)




5 thoughts on “True Blood Season 4 Alan Ball Intro Video

        1. admin Post author

          Not sure about that. KRE and QSA did seem to believe that was true! Interesting idea though. I wonder what direction AB is taking with this storyline. Just worry how it will put him at risk for retaliation. thanks for the comment and yes now something else to thing about!

  1. Karen

    The scene that Marnie is in also looks like the hidey hole Eric has in Sookie’s place. My mind is swirling!

    I also think that AB is doing the switcheroo on us with the “true death” comment and having us worry and think it is Eric.

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