Monday Medic Snarky Cure for True Blood Fangover


Fans finally had the chance to see the season 4 premiere of True Blood last night. HBOGo customers were also able to view the second episode as well! Now if that doesn’t give a fan a fangy over load and a definite fangover I don’t know what will.

Here are some possible cures for the post True Blood Sunday fangover: SPOILER ALERT Yes images are spoilers for those who have not watched episode 4.02!


Red Bow Gifts

Yes finally Eric Northman fans were able to see a gift for Sookie from Eric. When Sookie arrives at her newly renovated home she sees a few new items. Of course Sookie is not amused. Notice the note on the door “Out with the old” . Perhaps a bit of foreshadowing in that little note? (most definitely).013

Now why would Eric be giving Sookie a microwave? Hmmm let me think well perhaps to heat up a bit of blood for him? Too bad Sookie finds Eric’s carafe in her fridge and dumps it out.


For some reason I remember that a certain type of blood might need to be aerated? Does Eric drink some of the special royalty blend?


Hidey Hole

The look on Sookie’s face is priceless when she discovers that Eric has built himself a hidey hole. And what a decent sized hidey hole it appears to be! We even get to see some of Eric in that hidey hole in episode 4.03 (from the snippet of trailer shown last night)



Baby Blues


No matter how fanged out fans may feel at least they don’t have to worry about their babies having supernatural powers. Worries like that are enough to keep Arlene a bit more skittish! I really don’t like how they are going down this path that the baby is “evil” just because his father was a serial killer. The baby is adorable!

004Love the one You’re With?

Another possible cure for the fangover is to relax and love the one you’re with! Even Bill Compton has learned to move on without Sookie. It was a bit of a shock to discover just all that Bill has ascended to the year Sookie was missing. What was also a shocker was just who was doing the “loving” with Bill! Yes indeed. Looks like something WITCHY this ways does come!  (sorry my bad..couldn’t resist) Still wonder why did Bill have Eric handle that situation personally? Hmmmm…


Another interesting “tidbit” for Bill came out in the 80’s flashback scene. Very interesting indeed! Bill a SPY?

Lick the Fangover Away?

Who would have ever guessed we would hear Jason Stackhouse say he was more of a “band aid” kinda guy? Honestly I could not help but chuckle a little bit when I saw Timbo licking Jason’s wounds. Sad that Jason was so hurt but the visual of Timbo trying to clean his wound was funny. Timbo looked much like a momma cat tending to a kitten. (a bit more foreshadowing?) The Hotshot residents really have not been shown in a favorable light on True Blood. Poor Jason!  Little did he know that having a guy lick you on the head would be the least of his worries!

Waiting for the new season has indeed SUCKED! Let’s enjoy the time we have with season 4 since we all know that time does fly by just as Sookie Stackhouse! Seriously though there is quite a lot of action coming up for fans in the new season. I’m keeping fingers and fangs crossed that all the little seeds sown by Alan Ball and the amazing cast of True Blood will soon bloom into something great.


Bill Compton covered in a bit of "royalty"

No matter how awful a fangover fans may be having today at least they are not covered in ………………SPOILER (Queen). RIP QSA at least you went out in style.

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