Alexander Skarsgard gets some added bite from ‘True Blood’


In an interview with The Los Angeles Times, Alexander Skarsgard talks about Amnesia Eric and his work in True Blood.  And Peter Berg, Battleship Director, makes an interesting and funny revelation about Alex casting!

Amnesia Eric:

“It’s a completely different side of Eric,” Skarsgard said. “He doesn’t know who he is so all that baggage is gone — 1,000 years of resentment and bitterness, the whole loathing humanity kind of stuff is gone. But there has to be an element of danger there still. I didn’t want him to become too much of a little puppy…. I don’t think it would be fun to watch him for very long if he was completely emasculated.”

Peter Berg about Alexander Skarsgard:

“I was first made aware of Alex Skarsgard by the 15 women who work in my office who came in collectively as one with a picture of Alex and said, ‘He is going to be in “Battleship.” It’s nonnegotiable,'” Berg said with a laugh. “When they left, I pulled up some ‘True Bloods’ and really liked the show and thought that he was completely right for this character. I had a great meeting with him — he and I spent a day on an aircraft carrier in San Diego. After that I was convinced he was the right guy for the film. He had a real sense of what the purpose of that role was. He had really strong opinions and ideas.”

Note: We must give our heartfelt thanks to those 15 women!

In the cute note of the article, author Gina McIntyre says about Alex:

“Any time he mentions Sweden or his family — he has five brothers and one sister — he brightens noticeably.”

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