True Blood Fans, Filming Fun and Fangover


True Blood cast and crew are absolutely amazing. I had the pleasure of watching some of the on site filming for season 4 and was amazed to see all the “magic” that they create just for the fans. The filming the prior night went on till 5 am yet the cast and crew were there again at 8 pm and started filming at 9 pm and were there again till the wee hours of the morning again.

Photos during filming were not allowed so I only took photos during the rehearsals. For fans that do not know filming involves a LOT of just waiting around for the scene to be set up, camera worked out, stand ins, reshoots and all sorts of other fun. What we see on screen is truly magic. What they do behind the screen to get it to us in the final format is truly appreciated by this fan. Definitely have a fangover today!


The images in the gallery below are spoiler in nature. I still have more to post. Alexander Skarsgard was amazing to all the fans who were able to get close enough to ask for a photo or autograph! (awwww)


Promise to post more soon. This site if fan run for the fans. I try to minimize the ads on the site and do donate profits to charity. (so sorry about the ads! )

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New images added from the rehearsals on 8/28/11:

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