True Blood Season 4 Filming Photos


New images have surfaced online for True Blood’s season 4 filming. This looks like it is for episode 4.11.

Source: TBItaly

Alexander Skarsgard and Kristin Bauer van Straten can be seen in the photos. The woman on the ground appears to be Annie Fitzgerald (character of Kirsch). This looks like the action that takes place right after 4.10 (which was filmed 5/14/11)

[nggallery id=256]

here is a close up of the woman/vampire on the ground. It also looks like there is are some vamp “remains” on the ground also:

Annie Fitzgerald will portray the character of Kirsch

NOTE: the city location for the photos is the same location for the “Moon and Goddess” emporium? Looks like AB is weaving a windy web in season 4!

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