True Blood Spoilers Fae Masters of Illusions

The full six minute video was released by HBO for True Blood’s season 4 premiere episode. Fans now know that Sookie saw through the beauty and peace that was the world where Claudine brought her. She tried to warn Barry not to eat the glowing fruit. (too late) She learns from Grandpa Earl that he was in his mind only away from Bon Temps a few hours when in fact it had been over 20 years.

Was it her gift that made her realize that something was off in this world. Or was it the fact she did not eat the glowing fruit? Not even the Fae Queen Mab could force Sookie to eat the fruit. Once Sookie throws the fruit on the ground the illusion spell is broken. The fruit seems to rot in front of her eyes (she had already seen some of the other fruit covered  in maggots). The fruit on the ground seemed to open up the eyes somehow of the other humans present so perhaps this helped break the “magic”. The Fae must have an ability to drain the magic from the ‘hybrid”  humans who have the fae blood.


Sookie was able to fend off Queen Mab’s forced feeding of the glowy fruit by using her “energy”/light hands. Do all of the humans with Fae blood have this power (in AB’s world that is)?  What was interesting to see in the portion of the sneek peek was the new “FaeLand”. Did the zapping break down the walls between the illusion?


Not only did the land change but the Fae appearance was very much changed. Queen Mab is shown above after being zapped by Sookie. Yes her features are more troll in nature. Another interesting item I noticed was how her jewelry also seemed to change. Her necklace changed from a glittering beautiful intricate piece of gold to what look like tarnished simplistic chain.

Does the power to create the illusion for the fae come from having humans eat the fruit and then they can somehow harvest their power? Mab did mention the term “harvest” since so many of her kind spread their “seed” among the humans. If the Fae are able to have enough magic to pull off such illusions why can’t they keep the magic going when Sookie zaps the tree? The tree seemed to be the source of the magic glowy fruit.

Barry’s fairy godmother -Lloyd also seemed to be wearing an intricate necklace. (shown in the screen cap above) The piece seemed be contain a monogram of some sort (an H perhaps, some parts also look like the letter C).  The video did not show many of the other Fae in the barren land so I can’t tell whether or not Lloyd also changed in appearance or if his neckace also lost it’s magic.

Sookie’s godmother Claudine is shown in the image above and she is wearing a beautiful lace gown and earrings but no necklace. Does the necklace a Fae wears relate to the “clan/family/type” of Fae they are? Claudine’s appearance did not seem to chane the way Mab’s did for Sookie. Claudine has also been shown in Season 3 using her “energy/magic/light” hands on Bill Compton (when she felt threatened). Claudine also seems to be wearing the same dress as she did when we first met her in season 3. (and still no necklace there either)


Photo credit: TBS3.09 Bill Compton has his hands on Claudine and the light can be seen emanating from Claudine's hand in reaction.


Photo credit: TBS.09 Bill Compton being zapped by Claudine

Does her clan of Fae still have their power? How did they avoid being “drained of their power” or have their light stolen by the vampires?  Was a special “deal made”? When Queen Mab was trying to force Sookie to eat the fruit it did look like Claudine stepped towards Sookie perhaps in an effort to “help” supplement her magic. (it looked like that in the video). Claudine did seem surprised to “hear” Sookie saying to Earl that they needed to leave since it was a trap. (telepathically communicated but Claudine said the word “trap” outloud). Claudine may have been following Queen Mab’s orders to bring in Sookie but may not have had the full knowledge of her plans.

Fans learned that the Fae have the power of illusion very early on in this video. Does this ability to trick and hide true appearance also apply perhaps to some of the other supernaturals on the show? Will we also see more gifts of illusion from other supernaturals on the show? The witches have been shown doing their magic circle ceremonies. Will we find out that not everything is what it appears with this group?

The vampires on the show have already been shown to possess different “gifts”. Eric was shown flying in  season 2 (we don’t see him fly mid air but we see him take off for flight) Fans also did see Bill use the gift of mimicry in season 3 finale when he imitated Eric’s voice on the phone.  Bill also was able to trick Queen Sophie Anne in the season finale. The  Queen is shown at Bill Compton’s home anticipating “tasting” Sookie since she was a Fae. How did Sophie Ann know that Sookie was fae? Hadley did tell Sophie Anne of Sookie’s gift of telepathy. Does having telepathy  automatically mean Sookie was a Fae?  If so how did Hadley know? (probably the Queen may have said something about the mythology of Fae and how enticing they are to vampires over some pillow talk)

Bill is a vampire but he sure is showing some of the traits of the Fae trickster-Puck. I wonder if Alan Ball is delving into some of the mythology and applying the traits to the vampires and other supes on the show. It was great to see in the new promo how there is a darker and sinister side to the Fae. I was getting tired of the hippy dippy happy FaeLand action being shown in the new season promos.

Bill Compton was Sophie Ann’s procurer and did have an extensive file on Sookie and her family (we saw that in Season 3 episode 2 when Franklin -King Russell’s investigator found the files in Bill’s home).


Photo Credit: ©2011 HBO season 3 episode 2 Bill's "research" papers on the Stackhouse family tree

Bill’s paperwork on Sookie’s family tree went back quite a few generations. Earl Stackhouse’s name was circled and so was Sookie’s. (cap shown above) How did Bill come to realize that Earl also had the special “gift”? It was never said how long Bill was “watching” the Stackhouse family but it seemed to go beyond just watching Sookie. Sookie was made aware of this “file” by King Russell who presented it to her when she was brought to his home.


Photo credit: ©2011 HBO episode 3.06 Sookie getting her file from King Russell

Sookie’s reaction was always a bit of a sticking point for me. Ok I know you were just forcibly brought to the King’s home and all but it did not seem that the file was that big a deal to her. (she did shed a tear) But I don’t know if she had the time to see that her name and Earl’s was circled. Did that not raise any warnings or “flags” that there was a danger ahead for her that the vampires wanted her for a reason?

Hadley may have mentioned that her grandpa Earl also had the “gift”. Eric learned of the reason why Queen Sophie Anne was interested in Sookie only after feeding from Hadley who whispers in his ear the reason. Eric did give Hadley some of his blood after feeding from her so perhaps in season 4 he will be able to track Hadley (in case Sookie looks for her cousin).


Photo credit: ©2011 HBO episode 3.07


Photo credit: ©2011 HBO episode 3.09

Hadley wanted Sookie to check and see whether or not her son Hunter also had the “gift of telepathy”.(episode 3.09)  Rather than feel happy about this Hadley seemed terrified for her son. Even Hunter seemed to know that he might be a danger. He warned Sookie before his mom took him away saying “she knows “. I thought that the she he was saying was Queen Sophie Anne but could the “she” mean a fae? Did Hunter have visits from a godmother ? Hunter lived with his father not Hadley so Hadley might not know he was getting special visits.

Waiting sucks and now even more questions for the new season are in our minds. It seems that for every question answered there are 3 more raised. Would love to hear from others on what they see in the new promos.

The screen caps for the first part of the sneek peek into season 4 premiere are found here on this site. The caps for the last 3 minutes of the sneek peek are found here. All the images to date are organized under the screen cap heading in case you want a second look at any of the “action”.  HBO on Demand will be showing the full first two episodes for season 4 as soon as it is available (according to the end of the sneek peek video commercial it should be the week of  6/27/11) Fans will be able to watch the full first TWO episodes of the new season on HBO on demand!

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