True Blood Season 4 New “Dinner Clues”

s401103SpoilerTV helped True Blood fans deal with their True Blood withdrawal pains by releasing the new promo for Season 4. This one was titled “I can eat who I want”. The vampire saying this in the promo is none other than baby vamp Jessica. Just who is on the “dinner menu”  for baby vamp Jessica? The screen cap above shows the beautiful Jessica with blood on her lips perhaps after taking a little nip from someone other than her beau Hoyt.

That will not bode well for her and Hoyt’s relationship. In the prior Waiting Sucks video featured at Paley fans saw Hoyt taking on some of the Fellowship protestors. One of them had the nerve to call Hoyt a “fangbanger”. Hoyt’s reply to that was of course we are “banging”! When the protestor insulted Jessica Hoyt did defend her honor and punched the man. Will Jessica’s new found freedom cause more friction with Hoyt? Jessica is looking AMAZING in season 4 and it does look  like Jessica gives the pole a try at Fangtasia! She is shown in the screen cap below getting out of her shirt right before jumping on the pole! (The lamp above her head is from Fangtasia’s or at least it looks like the one there)


Jessica is not the only vampire that will be having some “fun” in season 4! I did see a few frames that show Eric Northman confronting a certain Bill Compton all fangy. Bill is shown storming into Sookie’s home:


We see Eric Northman confronting Bill below in the new promo:


Just whether or not this action takes place immediately after Bill storms in we do not know yet. Alan Ball is the master at the art of deception when it comes to the framing and sequencing of action in the video promos! Eric does appear to look more like the “amnesiac Eric” in his hair style. Even without his memory his vampire instincts have kicked in and looks like he is taking matters into his “own hands” when it comes to dealing with Mr. Compton.

Perhaps this is the action right before we hear Eric saying “Sookie is mine” that was aired in the promo last week? In that promo Eric is shown speaking with Sookie and is wearing a black shirt. The new promo has Eric very shirtless (and looking more amnesiac).

Bill  is shown wearing  a suit and tie again in the new promo. Looks like Season 4 will have Bill perhaps be a “spokesman” for the AVL. He was shown also in a suit and tie from the earlier promo where he is doing a “ribbon cutting ceremony”. The screen cap below is from the ExtraTV sneek peek video aired 5/21/11:


More questions from the new promo I have are:

Why is Sam fighting with Andy Bellefleur? Sam is clearly shown throwing a punch!


We had seen Andy in an earlier promo pulling his gun on Sam (but many wondered if Andy were not trying to shoot someone else. This new promo definitely makes it look like Sam has a big issue with Andy.

Another big question for Sam is what the heck is he doing here? Looks like he is dragging a body bag to the bayou?


This could be a flashback scene for Sam. We did see Sam in Season 3 shoot a couple who had robbed him (he had been scamming as a con man and was double crossed). This may have been what he did with the bodies.

Jason Stackhouse is shown still tied up in the Hotshot shed and yes we did see again just what was doing the biting. This screen cap shows Jason still without any “bite marks”. This might be his first time! (poor Jason)


We do get to see Jason escape I believe in this screen cap. He is shown punching a Hotshot resident and running for his life: (might just be another action but at least he does get away)


Another question-Who are the men trying to stop Sookie shown in the first part of the video? Are they Bill’s guards? Are they planning on harming Sookie? Waiting SUCKS:


Sookie is wearing the same outfit we see in the earlier promo photos that were for episode 4.02:

TBS4.02 You Smell Like Dinner

The big question of course is who is it that is taking a nip of Sookie below?


Yes that is Eric! However I think this is a dream sequence. Eric is shown with Godric right before this (and Godric met the sun in season 2) So this look like a dream perhaps. Waiting sucks and hopefully soon we will find the answer.


Don’t forget to tune into HBO Go on Saturday for a new sneek peek! Love to hear what others “see” in this promo!

the gallery below has all the caps:

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