True Blood Dig Deeper Video Promo


New video on youtube from HBO promoting the third season of True Blood available on dvd and blu ray on 5/31/11. Look closely at the video you will see quite a few characters from season 3. Gives fans a little taste of some of the extras that will be in the season 3 dvd.

Photo Credit: © 2011 HBO dig deeper screen cap - check out who is getting his shoes shined

Oh and the answer to what Talbot served for dessert wasn’t just plain gelato. ( I remember what the donor was served prior to his “donation” giving the said dessert a certain taste) Yes truebie fans pay very close attention! We were given this clue in the spring trailer video for season 4.


Photo Credit: ©2011 HBO moments screen cap-showing episode 3.01 dessert item

Some fans are still having some troubles finding all of the clues. I did a few screen caps of the finished game below. The triangles are “clues”. Good luck!

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