Alexander Skarsgard Video True Blood Season 4 Filming


Photo Credit: © 2011 B.Henderson

True Blood filmed at a historic location in Los Angeles and the video below is from that filming.  Video credit: (Huge thanks!) This looks like it is rehearsal and fiming. SPOILERS!!! Alexander’s shirt can be seen in the video with blood splatters~Waiting SUCKS! The images at the end are of where they are filming (interior shots NOT from filming. Just show what the inside of the building looks like ) UPDATE: Added photos from the filming SOURCE: OLV Also- It looks like we see the character of Blackburn-cast by Aaron Perillo (he looks a lot like Alan Hyde).

Photo Credit: fallenstar OLV

Photo Credit: fallenstar OLV

Here is a screen cap from the video (of Alex signing autographs for fans). The video is not a high resolution so the cap is not the best.

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