True Blood “Here We Come” Spring Trailer Screen Caps


Here We Come Spring trailer-Looks like baby Vamp Jessica Hamby gets to dance at Fangtasia in Season 4

HBO aired another video trailer featuring many of their shows. This trailer had a much faster pace and may have missed seeing some scenes from True Blood. I missed seeing the video but luckily True-Blood Italy website posted the video trailer. (huge thanks to them!) Some of the scenes were shown for only a split second but luckily I was able to capture them. Waiting sucks and HBO keeps teasing  but you have to be even faster to sneek past this fan. The images for True Blood showed a lot of Season 3 action but there was some new footage for season 4.  SPOILER ALERT. Yes there may be some spoiling..


Screen cap: Looks like TB Season 3 finale Sam walking towards his office

The sequence of images of this trailer was very well timed. They had different show characters doing what seemed to be the same thing ie walking and made the action in the trailer almost seemless. The trailer starts out with action from the film “Inception” and the character is walking towards an elevator. In the next few frames we see Sam Merlotte walking to his office (this looks like the season 3 finale when he goes to check out why the alarm went off) After Sam’s walking (we only see the back of the characters) we see several more of HBO’s show’s flashing by in the trailer. (I will try and see if I can match up the shows but for now this is what I see-Entourage, Fighter,Treme, Boardwalk Empire, etc. I don’t watch all the shows on HBO so I can’t tell)

The next set of action involves the opening of a door. Looks like we see  a Game of Thrones door, Ari from Entourage -elevator door opening, a few more doors, Boardwalk empire,  and Curb your enthusiasm show on screen. Right after the Curb your Enthusiasm door opening we see a bright light and this looks to me like Fae World. The screen cap is below:


That bright light is transitioned to the scene in True Blood season 3. For a split second it looks to me like the scene from season 3 finale when Eric had the vision of Godric when he was chained to Russell in the daylight. (it is only a quick second so I can’t be positive but that is what it looks to me)


Here we come screen cap. Looks like it could be the Godric vision Eric had in Season 3 finale. That or the Daywalking scene with Bill Compton.

From that burst of light we then see when Bill Compton is forced into the daylight by Tara. (post his over zealous feeding/attack on Sookie) For a brief moment Bill is a “day walker”.


Here we come trailer cap: Features True Blood season 3

After the “door opening” set of action sequences we see more montages from the different HBO shows. We see the scene from True Blood’s season 3 of Jessica Hamby opening up the “hidey hole” where she kept the unfortunate trucker she accidentally drained:


The next True Blood image we see is of Vampire Franklin after he is shot with a wooden bullet by Jason Stackhouse from Season 3 (pretty gory so I won’t post here but it is in the gallery below). We then see more “blood themed” scenes including the all blood dinner at Vampire King Russell Edgington from Season 3 (who can ever forget the blood sorbet LOL)

The trailer is visually stunning if not also a bit dizzing to watch. The way they lined up the action from the completely different series and films was amazing. Here are the items shown for True Blood that look like they may be for Season 4.

There are a few caps showing Sookie walking in Fae World: (who knew the roads there were paved in roses?)


More of Sookie in Fae World: Claudine is holding her hand walking her towards something. Sookie looks back in the last cap as if she hears something?



We get to see Jessica Hamby dancing carefree at what appears to be Fangtasia: this might be what she and Hoyt were doing before the protestors interupted them. (the video shown during PaleyFest perhaps)



I’m not sure if this image of Jason is from Season 3 or for season 4. Something about the look on his face leads me to believe it might be season 4 (but I’ll go back and see if I can find this for season 3)


So far from what I see most of what was shown in the trailer were recaps from Season 3 of True Blood. The images in the gallery below are all the True Blood ones I could see from the “Here we Come ” spring trailer. We did get see quite a few characters from True Blood. Eric Northman, Pam, Lorena, Jason, Crystal, Franklin, Tara, Ginger (all a screamy as usual), Nan Flanigan,  Talbot, Tommy, Debbie Pelt, Queen Sophie, Psycho Were woman and yes even a certain Magister was shown. (well a section of him that is-when he “lost his head” pun intended)

I’ll try and write up the sequence of events and see if there are any other tidbits I can find. The gallery below has all of the images related to True Blood for the trailer. As mentioned, if you blink when you see the video you just might miss a thing or two. (or three)

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