Dead Reckoning Book My Wait Is Finally OVER

© 2011 B. Henderson I could not resist taking a photo of the book. Oh and yes that is one of my photos of Alex from Paley. I didn't realize it looks like he is looking inside the book! LOL

Amen and Hallelusjus as Lafayette Reynolds might say! Imagine my delight when I opened up my mailbox and found my copy of the newest Charlaine Harris’ novel “Dead Reckoning’ waiting for me! I am getting ready to sit down and devour the book. As soon as I can I will post my review. I will try to stay away from major spoilers.

One thing I found very touching was Ms. Harris’ dedication to her mother. Some fan may not be aware but Charlaine’s mother passed away. Her dedication to her mom  and the words she wrote brought tears to my eyes. (she ended the dedication with “I miss her everyday”) Mother’s day will be a tough one for Ms. Harris and for all of us who no longer have our moms on this earth.

One thing I did want to say is how colorful the cover is for “Dead Reckoning”. The background is a vibrant pink/fushia hue. The letters, Sookie’s hair and dress all have a glitter finish making it all a bit sparkly. (a nod to the fae world perhaps?)

I will post the review as soon as I can. Looks like it will definitely be “take-out” dinner for my family tonight. (well you see husband and son of mine, momma got a bit tangled up in this book you see…) Waiting sucks but soon all the fans will have their copies! Till next time!

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