Emmys.Com Video Share-True Blood Wardrobe Fitting

True Blood Season 3 episode 3.10

Kristin Bauer van Straten shared the link below on her Facebook page with the following comment:

Audrey is really one of Pam’s makers.

The video from Emmys.com can be found on their site here:

Emmys.com “Insider’s View: The True Blood  Wardrobe Department”  taped Audrey Fisher, costumer designer for True Blood while doing a fitting for Kristin Bauer (aka Vampire Pam).  It was fun to see the process where Audrey works to fit Kristin (an amazing and beautiful lady) for an episode of True Blood. Based on the outfit she is wearing it looks like it was for Season 3 of True Blood.   (image above)

I would love to see the dresses they were talking about in this video. Audrey mentions that there is a desinger in Finland who has “spider web dresses”. That sounds a lot to me like the outfit she is wearing in the “Waiting Sucks video 5: Pam” the screen cap below: (my guess of course)


Screen Cap from the "Invitation to the Set" video (season 4 scene)


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