Dead Reckoning Cover Artwork Possible Clue

The eleventh installment to the Sookie Stackhouse novels is due out on 5/3/11. The cover artwork (shown above) is from Lisa Desimini who has done the art for all of the novels to date. Fans try to figure out any possible clues to the action in the book based on the cover art. It does not always coincide with the action (per Charlaine Harris) but it tends to give a bit of a glimpse in my opinion.

Something about the new book caught my eye and I finally figured out what was bothering me. This is the first book where Sookie appears alone. Usually there is a vampire also on the cover whether it is Bill Compton or Eric Northman. Yes even Quinn the were-tiger appears on a cover. In Dead in Dallas she is shown on top of a coffin (assuming Bill is in the coffin a bit of a nod to the Anubis flight they take together where Bill is in the coffin for his daytime sleep) This is the only cover where Sookie is alone and yes she is upside down. Perhaps her world is going to be turned upside down this book? I have a feeling that Sookie may be facing the reality of a life alone.

I can’t wait to see the new book!

Here is a link to the amazing artwork of the book covers by Lisa Desimini. She has all the prints on her site.


4 thoughts on “Dead Reckoning Cover Artwork Possible Clue

  1. Dee

    I’ve been reading a few discussion posts about the plot for book eleven, about how some of the fans preferred that Sookie has a future with Eric, but I wonder if anyone had ever stopped to think that maybe Sookie’s happy ending does not include being in a relationship?Usually in books, main characters get involved with someone they come to love in the end, but maybe Charlaine is hinting that Sookie being alone may be her happy ending.

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks for commenting Dee. It has been frustrating wondering just what will happen and who will she find her happy ending with. This cover got me thinking that Sookie can be happy by herself. It is hard as a fan accepting that but I think Charlaine is hinting/leaning that way! thanks again!

    1. admin Post author

      Great catch! Sookie and Bill are sideways on that cover. I just re-visited that book and had almost forgotten about all the plot lines and yes the big upheavals! The new book art just started me thinking about some of the prior covers. I remembered how in Dead and Gone -Sookie’s ponytail was pointing to Eric (and how some fans wondered did that give us a hint..) Just thought it odd she is all by herself? hmmm…thanks for the comment!!

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