True Blood Composer Nathan Barr Video Interview

Photo Credit: ©2011 met up with Nathan Barr at the recent WondercCon in San Francisco and chatted about the music of True Blood and a bit about Season 4. He talks about which supernatural character was his favorite to create a sound for (surprised me to hear his reply). He also talks about his working with Hans Zimmer. He mentions season 4 how it will be “exciting for fans . It starts off in an exciting new place. Musically it was exciting to start off the season with a bang by hiring and orchestra.”  The fairies get their own “sound”.

From buzzfocus: Barr has created a style of his own, coming a long way since working as an assistant to living legend Hans Zimmer. He remarks on creating a real-world atmosphere for True Blood, as well as what will be different about the Fairies in Season 4 from fairies you’ve seen in other genres. Barr also discusses changes in Tara’s character that began in Season 3 as well as his favorite supernatural character to compose music for. In regards to Season 4, Barr lets us know that we’ll be in for something very different in the first 10 minutes of theTrue Blood premiere as well as new characters in the works

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