True Blood Season 4 Episode 4.09 Possible “Songs”

The music in True Blood has always been something as a fan I always have looked forward to every episode. I keep forgetting to post my “guesses” for possible songs that will be featured when I post the episode titles. I’ll start with the most recent episode title-Episode 4.09 is tentatively titled “Run”. There are several songs that have that as their title. Alan Ball spends a good amount of time researching songs on iTunes and really picks just the right one to set the mood for the episode.

I have a feeling that the song by Vampire Weekend may be the one chosen. here is the video with lyrics. It does seem to fit.

Another possibility might be this version “Run” by Gnarles Barkely. (but it seems to say Run Away but it is titled Run..)

We’ll find out when the episode finally airs! Waiting SUCKS!

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