True Blood Triangle Twist

True Blood season 4 spoilers have been tricking out in faster speed post PaleyFest! The newest TV Guide (scan shown above) writes about a few of the spoilers chatted about during PaleyFest . The newest one involves a new twist on the romantic triangle for season 4. No not an Eric/Sookie/Bill romantic triangle- this one comes from Joe Manganiello. wrote

Joe Manganiello who plays werewolf Alcide on the hit show,described a sexy scene that goes down,involving Alcide,Eric,and Sookie. He said it’s like a “sandwitch.” Hmm, very interesting. Anna followed up with a tease,saying that when werewolves shift back,they don’t have any clothes on.

So it sounds like fans will have quite an interesting “sandwich” for season 4! Yes waiting sucks!

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