Trust Me Film to be Featured In Chicago


Alexander Skarsgard’s film “Trust Me” directed by Johan Kling will be featured at the Siskel Film Center in Chicago on 3/19/11 and also on 5/22/11.

Director Kling, whose DARLING was a highlight of the 2008 EU Film Festival, takes a lighter, more ironic tack in this ensemble drama enlivened by a jazzy score, a mobile camera, and a deftly juggled jumble of crisscrossing plot lines. They all converge on a struggling Stockholm theater company, whose high-strung manager/playwright (Thorson) is preparing a new production while the landlord maneuvers to evict them, a plus-size girl pines for a superhunk (Skarsgård, yet another son of Stellan), a voyeur and a kleptomaniac are on the loose, a book of Japanese erotica circulates erratically, and a strange odor emanates from the storage area. In Swedish with English subtitles. 35mm print courtesy of the Swedish Film Institute.

To purchase tickets please visit the Siskel Film Center here:

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