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Butterfly Rising is holding a “dream made real” contest on Facebook. Tanya Wright, the lovely deputy “Kenya Jones” on True Blood posted the following note on the Butterfly Rising page:

I had a dream of writing a book and movie–Butterfly Rising. As you know, the book is available now and I am currently preparing the movie to make its way onto the film festival circuit this summer (YAY!). There were many, many people who were instrumental in helping me make my dream come true. No one– and I mean no one– makes a dram come true alone. No one.

I’d like to help you make YOUR CREATIVE DREAM come true.

Rose and Lilah Belle– the two women from –BUTTERFLY RISING– leave their tiny town, steal a vintage truck and set out on the open road to meet the mystical Lazarus of the Butterflies, a legend who can help “heal you and make your dreams come true.” Dreams are clearly a recurring theme in my life. I am a firm believer that DREAMS CAN AND SHOULD BE MADE REAL—they don’t have to be these ‘out there,’ ethereal things you only daydream about when you find yourself with an extra few minutes during your busy day. And they can earn you money, too. You CAN make them your job and not just your hobby! Fancy that! Ha!

Do you have a creative dream you’ve been dying to make real but just haven’t been able to for—whatever reason? The winner of the contest (which will be chosen by the community based on the number of ‘likes’ your dream gets) will have a private, one-hour consultation– with me– to strategize on how to MAKE YOUR DREAM REAL (I’ll also thrown in an autographed copy of BUTTERFLY RISING to the lucky winner)!  I discovered I LOVE giving things away for free:)

Now, I’ll warn you. I’ll help you strategize, but MAKING DREAMS REAL takes A LOT OF HARD WORK BY THE DREAMER. Are you willing to work hard? Identify what motivates you to STAY FOCUSED. Are you willing to sacrifice creature comforts for an indefinite amount of time? MAKING DREAMS REAL is like having a new year’s resolution: lots of folks have good intentions to, say, lose 20 pounds on January 1, but when March 3 rolls around, are they still on the treadmill? Most of ’em ain’t, sorry to say, and thus the dream is never made real.

Hope to see your dream on the wall!!!! Just post it here!


Tanya 🙂


SOURCE: Butterfly Rising NOTES

A HUGE thank you to Tanya for holding this amazing contest! So get over there and POST YOUR DREAM! As she says above-making your dream come true will be HARD WORK but oh so very worth it in the end! Good luck to all who enter (hmm working on an idea for my dream! but Tanya already helped me make one of mine come true when I attended Season 3 premiere as her guest last June!! For that I am eternally grateful!)

To enter the contest please write your “dream” on the  Butterfly Rising Facebook Wall here: Good luck! And how cool is Tanya for doing this!


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