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Jim Parrack’s upoming film “Battle: Los Angeles” has a new theatrical video trailer on yahoo. Link here: In addition to True Blood’s Jim Parrack, the film features Michelle Rodgriguez and Aaron Eckhart. The film is set to have a March 11, 2011 release in the US.

Director Jonathan Liebesman spoke with during ComicCon July 2010. Below is an excerpt from that interview:

We just chatted with the man behind what look to be the biggest, most ambitious attempt to depict alien warfare as urban combat here on Earth. Director Jonathan Liebesman is the mastermind behind Battle: Los Angeles. Find out what Liebesman told us about the gore factor in his film, and just how brutal his aliens will be, after the jump.

How gritty are the aliens?

They’re super gritty, they’re gory, they kill without remorse, they murder people on the street, they’re essentially like genocidal Nazis that invade and have zero remorse or compassion.

Are there different kinds of aliens?

Yes, the aliens are like a real army there are medics, generals, lieutenants.

Are there different species?

No they’re all from the same species.


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