TV Poll: Who is The Hottest Vampire on TV?


I am not a huge fan of these polls but I can’t help myself! has a new poll asking fans to vote for the Hottest Vampire on TV. Time for Alexander Skarsgard fans to keep on voting! Yes Alex recently won hte Best Horror Actor Scream award on Saturday so let’s keep the winning streak going! Hopefully when he wins fans will get to see some new photos of Alexander in the upcoming TV Guide magazine (ok I can hope it is not yet another Eric Northman photograph we have seen over and over again!)

Alexander is in second place right  now behind Stephen Moyer! here is the link to vote TV Poll click here:

UPDATE :  YES! ALEXANDER WON!! Thanks to all the fans for voting!!

4 thoughts on “TV Poll: Who is The Hottest Vampire on TV?

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  2. freeeone

    Eric Northman has already been chosen by TV Guide as the #1 sexiest Beast presently on TV & Movies. Shown on TV guide TV Sunday Oct 31, 2010 on . The “Countdown now on YouTube in 4 parts. Alcide is #18. Bill ?????

  3. Cinthia Moura

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