True Blood episode 3.10 The Kiss


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Eric Northman fans have endured quite a bit over the three seasons of True Blood. Season 1 was dismal for Eric Northman air time to say the least. Season 2 brought more of the viking vampire on the show. Season 3 I have been waiting and waiting for more of what endeared the character to me. I have not always enjoyed all of the episodes of True Blood. Season 3 started out strong I felt with the development of Eric’s character finally coming to light on the shows. However patience is wearing very very thin for me. There were some scenes that really left a lot to be desired.


Photo Credit: HBO

The one saving grace for me in episode 3.10 “I Smell a Rat” was finally having a “real” kiss (and not a dream sequence one..) between Eric Northman and Sookie Stackhouse. Alan Ball has stated time and time again that yes Bill will remain integral to the show and how Bill and Sookie are soulmates. All I hear is blah blah blah. Keeping to the spirit of the books is what I had always expected. The ending to episode 3.10 is definitely unexpected and definitely not the spirit of the character at all!

Enough tirade from me. Rather than stay upset I decided to look at the scenes in the episode I did enjoy and created the screen caps in the gallery below. Amazing how for some reason I managed to capture almost 100 images of the kiss alone!

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3 thoughts on “True Blood episode 3.10 The Kiss

  1. LaDonna

    I agree with the comment above. As a true fan of the books, Mr. Ball in my opinion hasn’t done real just to follow that much of the story line.

    Eric has been an integral part of Sookie’s life since book one. Every major decision to assist Sookie, save her life, keep her safe has been undertaken by Eric. Bill’s character is deceiving and false; and Eric’s character as portrayed by Alan Ball is lacking. Eric is a 1000 year old vampire whose had to do “creative” things to stay alive for this time span. Per the books he hasn’t been really interested in anything for a while, yet he “feels/sees” something in Sookie.

    From the beginning in the books, you know who, what and how to perceive Eric, basically you know what he will do to survive; yet Bill’s character is portrayed as perfect, loyal, yet his actions with the Queen is responsible for everything that happens to Sookie.

    Mr. Ball, I AM requesting as a True Blood and Eric follower, that you follow the characters of the “true” story line as it pertains to the Eric/Sookie/Bill triangle. As stated before, Mr. Moyer has Ms. Pacquin in real life, why can’t Mr. Skarsgard have Sookie as outlined in books 1-10 which I have read numerous times.


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