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Photo source:scribeninja tumblr

Photo source: scribeninja tumbler

The image above has not been verified but it does raise quite a few questions. In the upcoming episode description for True Blood 3.10- Eric tempts Russell with the ultimate vampire dream. The image above may very well be for the next episode. If by drinking Sookie’s blood a vampire is able to become a “day walker” that could very well be a vampire dream. It may be valid since there were prior spoiler images rumoured to be from the season 3 finale released showing Sookie, Eric (with visible burns on face) and another actor with a very “charred face” makeup appearance in the photos. Image shown below.


For episode 3.12 the summary states that Eric grapples with his conscience  while plotting his perfect revenge against Russell. Fed up  with being vampire crack Sookie reconsiders a life with out Bill or any other vampires. Another recent news item states that Eric covered in blood as is Pam are in Fangtasia’s and another vampire is in the corner with a badly burned face tied up in silver (next to a glass goblet with the remnants of another vampire “goo” remains).  The chained up vampire could be Russell since it seems he goes nowhere without his Talbot in gooform. It also states that Sookie has blood marks on her wrist (a lot like the photo above where it looks like Russell is taking a bite) But no mention of Sookie having bite marks on her neck so in the photo above it is misleading fans to think that Eric also takes a bite.

The gallery below contains more of the spoiler images. NOTE the appearance of a certain maker sitting next to Eric!

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  2. Apotheosis Entlechy

    If played right, Sookie could be giving vamps blood to go after Edgington in the daytime which would be a way to fight a 2800 year old vamp. If vamps are weaker in the day and can be burned then a daylight walking vamp may be in a position to take on a very old vamp.

  3. Apotheosis Entlechy

    The photo above implies many things in short to me it appears that Sookie gives Eric and Bill blood to go out in the day but somewhere along the line Russel gets some too. The fight happens and RE is silvered and put into human federal custody so that photo scene implies that Edgington is defeated but we do not see Bill or Eric except in the burned images so. the Will scene appears in the beginning of episode, Sookie feeds, fight happens, feds haul of silver chained RE. Now I could be over interpreting but6 I think I might be close.

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