Alexander to appear at Gent Film Festival


Alexander Skarsgard and director Marille Heller are to appear at the 42nd Gent Film Festival in Belguim on October 20 to promote “The Diary of a Teenage Girl“. From the festival’s official website

Film Fest Gent is bringing Alexander Skarsgard and dorector Mareille Heller to the festival, together with the Belguin distributor of “The Diary of a Teenage Girl” Lumiere and prodcuer Caviar. On Tuesday 20 October, the film will conclude the youth competition of the festival where the jury will announce the winner of the Explore Award.

This is very welcome news indeed, as we had been thinking that maybe we wouldn’t get any more official appearances this year. Hopefully the usual heavenly collection of festival photographs will follow.



“Hidden” Is Pretty Good Actually!!!


Alexander’s movie “Hidden” is now available on DVD in the US and Canada.

I was lucky enough to see this movie a couple of weeks ago and I really liked it. I can understand why Warner Bros didn’t give it cinematic release but it works well on the small screen.

The basic synopsis is that a family has been hiding out in an old bomb shelter  for several months, but we don’t know who or what they are hiding from. Some information is given in flashbacks throughout the movie, but the audience is left in the dark (you see what I did there?) about the exact details for the majority of the story.

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“Hidden” & “Diary” UK Downloads Release Dates


I Tunes in the UK have now released the dates that UK fans can officially digitally download two of Alexander’s recent movies. “Hidden” is coming very soon, but we have to wait until the beginning of next year for “Diary”. (There’s no dates yet for the UK DVD releases).

Hidden – October 26 2015

The Diary of a Teenage Girl – January 11 2016



No Tarzan Loincloth Confirmed But…..


…………lots of “V”

Ok, so I’m not using this Tarzan update to post a large, gratuitous picture of Charlie and his world-beating “V”, because I’m a professional news updater and I don’t do things like that.

The Tarzan test-screener on IMDb has (inevitably) been questioned about Alexander’s state of undress in the movie. Personally I’m relieved about the loincloth as no man looks good in one of those, and I’m liking what I’m hearing about the rest of his unattire.

Alas, no loincloth as has already been stated. 
But he does go shirtless , I mean, how can he not, he’s Tarzan. And his trousers are very…well put it this way, I reckon he had to wax for this role.

The first time his shirt comes off, his trousers are as low as they could get without them running afoul of the censors. 
You know that “v” thing that super ripped guys get from the hips on down? Well Mr Skarsgård has it.

So something like this then…..

alexander skarsgard shirtless

Only 271 days to go :)





Feedback from “Tarzan” Test Screening


We’d pretty much given up on the chance of hearing anything of much interest from the “Tarzan” test -screenings that took place earlier in the year, but one of the lucky testers has finally come out on IMDb to share some details (subject of course to the gagging order they have to adhere it). Big thanks to @Tarzan2016July for finding this.

Below are direct quotes from the IMDb user:

It was quite humorous in parts and I definitely wasn’t expecting that. I mean, the villain’s plot is dastardly as can be, yet they still find a way to put humor into a film that touches on one of the most abominable regimes Africa has ever seen. 

As you might expect, Jackson is excellent, Skarsgård (fearsome physique and all) is great, Honsou is appropriately intense and driven, Waltz is quality and Robbie is actually really decent. 

The film doesn’t trample on existing lore but it does update it appropriately. As a black man, I’ve sometimes found “white savior” films to be difficult to watch. I’m happy to say that this is not that kind of movie. The Waziri (though I didn’t hear that word) have minds and martial capabilities of their own. Jane is actually a mentally and physically capable woman 

The film isn’t perfect by any means, the villainous plot is a bit strange in parts, the villains over complicate things in classical style, and watching a grown man go “ook ook” is disconcerting. But the action is suitably hyperkinetic, the Mangani are very well realized and the “victory cry of the bull ape” is…suitably fearsome. 

If you like adventure movies then I definitely think it’s worth a look. I’ve always found it hard to give films a numerical rating, but I would definitely pay to see it in the cinema if that means anything. 

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Shell Quits Drilling In Alaskan Arctic


From Save The Arctic Facebook

Shell announced today it will stop drilling in the Alaskan Arctic. This is a HUGE VICTORY for our movement of 7 million, for every one of us who has fought for three years to stop Shell. Arctic drilling has become a global issue and now big oil has sustained an unmitigated defeat. For three years we faced them down and now the people have won. Please SHARE this post to spread the amazing news, and to tell Shell and all other oil companies to get their hands off the Arctic for good! There’s no doubt that we did this together. Today the incredible Arctic — and the planet — is a little bit safer, and it’s thanks to YOU. But we can’t stop fighting for permanent Arctic protection. The Arctic still faces the threat so Join the movement that is really making a difference and show you will stand for the Arctic for as long as it takes!



Alexander Featured In NW Magazine


The latest issue of Australia’s NW Magazine has an article on Alexander, which includes an interview. I’m always a little dubious about interviews where Alexander answers a question about his private life – knowing how interviewers are usually directed by his management not to ask him about it – but hey, maybe they caught him on a very “chilled” day, and it’s a nice article to help promote “The Diary of a Teenage Girl” in Australia. Thank you to fabulouslyfreespirited for sharing the article.


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Alexander Skarsgard at The Metropolitan Opera


Freshly back from his Arctic adventures with Greenpeace, Alexander attended the Opening night of  “Otello” at the Metropolitan Opera House on September 21, in New York City.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen him in a tuxedo but you can savour the majestical moment by clicking on the images in our gallery below.

Photos from Zimbio & alexanderskarsgardonline

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Going Overboard to Save The Arctic


Alexander Skarsgard literally went overboard for Greenpeace on September 15, by jumping off their ship Arctic Sunrise.

Actor Alexander Skarsgard jumps into the water from the port side of the Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise. Actor Jack McBrayer is left standing on the deck.

Alexander Skarsgard and Jack McBrayer have joined the Greenpeace ship the Arctic Sunrise on the east coast of Greenland, while filming scenes for the online website Funny or Die, in the town Ittoqqortoormiit.


Arctic Sunrise have also tweeted that Alexander and Jack will be starring in the first ever Arctic comedy series. (We like the word “series”). Watch this space!



Greenpeace Collection Photos of Alexander & Jack in Greenland


Here’s  a ton of new photos released by Greenpeace of Alexander and Jack in Greenland and on board The Arctic Sunrise. On some of the photos they are filming scenes for the on-line comedy show Funny or Die We’ll post more details about this when we have them.

Please help Greenpeace Save The Arctic

Save The Arctic Facebook

Save The Arctic – Arctic Roar

Enjoy the gallery below!




Alexander & Jack McBrayer in the Arctic for Greenpeace


Alexander and his good friend, 30 Rock actor Jack McBrayer, are currently visiting the Arctic to support Greenpeace’s Save the Arctic Campaign. They are travelling on board The Arctic Sunrise.

Save The Arctic

 The Arctic is under threat. As the ice melts, giant corporate companies are rushing in to exploit its resources.

The Arctic Sunrise is in Greenland to bear witness to Seismic Blasting activities which are rocking the very eco-system  .

The pictures below are from Greenpeace and Save the Arctic on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram

arctic 2

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